Launch Day for Two Point Hospital finally arrived and what a ride it was. If you missed any of the festivities of the day, then you have come to the right place. So much happened! Let's get stuck in.

Two Point Hospital had been on 'Pre-load' via Steam for a couple days prior to release, so as soon as 7am GMT BST rolled around, people wasted no time in playing. Many had reported to taking holiday from work to play, or played it as much as they could before work.

The whole Scrub community was brought together, during launch day, via an all day long, SEGA stream with Lauran (Community Manager) and Craig (Brand Manager) with a large portion being joined by myself, Blarla (Content Creator)

All Day SEGA Stream

Leading up to the launch, Lauran and Craig had worked on a wonderful schedule of events for the all day SEGA Live Twitch stream which was published via the Two Point Hospital Twitter for all to see and attend anything and everything of interest.

"Craig and Lauran will be live streaming the game from 10am - and have they got some EXCELLENT GUESTS! Come and join in!"
Two Point Hospital Twitter




Official Two Point Hospital Live Stream 7

Official Two Point Hospital Live Stream 7.1 - LAUNCH DAY! (Part 1)

Lauran and Craig streamed the game live via the SEGA Twitch account and I joined them for the last 30 minutes. This was also dual cast to the Two Point Hospital YouTube channel and via the Two Point Hospital Steam page.

For the first hour the stream was hosted on the front page of Twitch seeing around 17,000 viewers. Retaining many of them for the following hour as they continued to play Two Point Hospital for all the amazing scrubs. You can watch it HERE!


During this hour SEGA hosted Jonti Sparrow of Geekism. Unfortunately, the VOD wasn't saved and the stream wasn't recorded. So instead of linking the stream here, I have opted for this Two Point Hospital YouTube series, CHECK IT OUT!


Official Two Point Hospital Live Stream 7

Official Two Point Hospital Live Stream 7.2 - LAUNCH DAY! (Part 2) WITH BLARLA!

Lauran, Craig and myself, Blarla, were back streaming the game via SEGA Twitch, the Two Point Hospital YouTube channel and the Steam page. The Steam page saw high views averaging around 7-8k, it was truly incredible.

During the Stream I was charged with the challenge of saving Lauran's Tumble hospital from financial ruin, amongst other things. Watch now as I wrangle Tumble and join the incredible banter that always flies between Lauran and Craig. Watch the Stream!


Up next was Biffa Plays for two hours. This was hosted on the SEGA Twitch channel. Check out how that stream went by watching the VOD HERE!


Official Two Point Hospital Live Stream 7

Official Two Point Hospital Live Stream 7.3 - LAUNCH DAY! (Part 3) WITH BLARLA

This segment didn't happen quite as we had hoped. It was planned for Lydia from Squid Gaming to join Lauran and Craig in the studio for an hour. However due to travel arrangements going awry, she never made it. Please still check her out, HERE is her review of Two Point Hospital.

Instead it was another and final two hours with myself, Blarla, Lauran and Craig. Where I finally manage to get Tumble working efficiently.


For the rest of the day SEGA continued to host Twitch streams of Two Point Hospital from some of their favourite creators. Please check them out. If Two Point like them, then surely so will you!

"Can we all take a moment to bask in the glory of The Queen of Two Point County?! Blarla did an INSANELY good job of putting up with Craig and I on the stream yesterday. It was nice to be joined by a professional. Blarla, we love you. Thank you for everything! "
Lauran's Twitter
"Had the best day at @SEGA_Europe streaming with @TheAlbionGirl and @craigbeingcraig. Thank you so much for inviting me! @2PointHospital Build. Cure. Improve. Try not to kill anyone."
Blarla's Twitter
"I've updated the stream thumbnails - I've gone for a new texture... gold for the launch!"
Craig's Twitter

Global Best Seller

That's right! Two Point Hospital was top of the UK Best Seller list on Steam all day long, in fact it has been top of the UK Best Seller list a lot leading up to launch and following it. But it made it to GLOBAL NUMBER ONE on Steam in the latter half of launch day and remained there for a few days after to boot!

"Seeing as we’re still Global #1 on Steam, I’m going to treat myself to a WHOLE BEER. Big shout out to Mark, Mark, Gary, Ben, Ben, Ben, Prem, Dave, Alan, Chris, Jayne, Jo, Sam, Harry, Cedar Studios and anyone else I’ve missed who worked on the game itself. Remarkable job."
Craig's Twitter
"Our dear @2PointHospital is currently above #PUBG in the global steam charts. I legit can't even Is this what it feels like to raise a child? I'm overflowing with joy and pride and love for my Two Point Studios colleagues <3"
Lauran's Twitter

Kind Words

It was such an incredible day. It was emotional for all involved and so many kind words were shared. I picked a selection of my favourites.

"We cannot thank you all enough for your support with the launch of our little game. This means the world to us. We are so humbled. "
Two Point Hospital
"What a journey and what a fantastic game. Love that people are able to experience it for themselves."
Craig Laycock (Brand Manager)
"I can't stress enough how funny and addictive this game is. "
Ibs (SEGA European Community Marketing Manager)
"I’m please to report; Two Point Hospital character voices are in excellent health! "
Marc Silk (Voice Actor)
"Holy moles, what a day! I don’t think I could have been any luckier with the first game I’ve officially launched as a Community Manager. Today, releasing #TwoPointHospital, was easily one of the greatest days of my career. Thank you to every one of you who has been involved "
Lauran Carter (Community Manager) (Voice Actor)
"I'm so happy to see people are enjoying Two Point Hospital So many people playing and streaming! "
Ben Perry (Two Point Studios Programmer)
"Big day for Two Point Studios, and us! Two Point Hospital is out now and reviews are coming in hot. Big thanks to Mark Webley and Gary Carr for letting us be a part of their imagination and Goes Like This for invaluable advice and lessons."
Cedar Studios (Audio)
"I've said it before and I will say it again, but I too am very grateful for being part of the Two Point Hospital team. I had barely started university when I got the gig and that was my first ever job. Thank you ever so much for your wonderful support and words of wisdom!"
Jack Le Breton (Composer)
"It was inevitable."

Golden Toilet

'During our live stream yesterday, LOTS of you were asking how to get the golden toilet...' Two Point Hospital Twitter

Two Point Hospital - How To Get Your Golden Toilet!

Two Point Hospital - How To Get Your Golden Toilet!

Bug Reporting

'Say 'aaaaaah', because the day is finally here: Two Point Hospital is live and ready to play! If you've booked an appointment in Two Point County, you can load the game up now!

If you do happen to stumble across any bugs, could I ask that you report them in this thread so we can easily collate them and send them to the devs.' - Lauran

Reports Bugs HERE

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