This week's live stream was a little different. Craig (Marketing Manager) was still on holiday, so it was decided that I, the Queen of Two Point County, Blarla, (For the record, I didn't name myself that), would return to the SEGA Head Office to accompany Lauran (Community Manager), with the very first Two Point Hospital Surgery.

This new segment is all about giving tips, tricks and hints for getting stars on hospitals and during this surgery I was giving tips on how to get 3 Stars on Duckworth-upon-Bilge. Check out the stream with Lauran and myself HERE.

"We will be live on at 5pm BST with a VERY special guest - Queen of #TwoPointCounty, @Blarla!"
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3 Star Duckworth Tips

I gave many tips to help, so many I decided to list those I could remember below.

Please note that my tips are geared towards building the hospital and not brute forcing 3 stars with methods such as, raise all wages at the last minute, or research money in another hospital, or sell rooms after getting the public target. But instead promotes hospital growth, maintaining what has been built and being able to return to the hospital after 3 Stars has been gained.

  • No plants in rooms. Keep them in corridors and to a minimum.
  • Use job assignments, assign staff to certain rooms.
  • Only employ 'Will work for peanuts' staff.
  • No vending machines in corridors, only staff rooms.
  • Sweet dispensers and drinking fountains for patients.
  • Plenty of hand sanitisers. Place in rooms for your staff and corridors for patients.
  • Make sure all rooms cover staff basic needs. Hunger (sweet dispenser), thirst (drinking fountain), comfort (chair) and hygiene (hand sanitiser).
  • Only employ staff with no negative traits.
  • In Overview, Staff, Staff Status/Morale get all bars at max except for pay.
  • Make all rooms level 5. This gives the 'Outstanding Room +30% Happiness boost.
  • Fountains for corridors, big, attractive and prestigious impact, with no maintenance.
  • Build research to sell research. 1k green light fee returns 20k.
  • Only build the rooms when the public target comes in and not before. Sending patients home is fine.
  • Only upgrade machines when there is a public target.
  • Only train the best picked staff and preferably when there is a training target.
  • Cheap training, employ someone with the skill, have them train the staff and then fire them.
  • Send janitors to attend to plants, vending machines and toilets early to complete targets faster.
  • Promote staff but reduce pay bar so they don't get a pay rise. Will work for peanuts are happy with this.
  • Don't focus too much on stars. Don't build the Resolution Lab before Foxbridge tells you.
  • Overview, Money. Find staff wages and the cost of the energy bill. Add those two costs together and x by 12. Always attempt to keep the balance at that sum or above. As that is the current running cost of your hospital for a year.
  • Use the 'who can use' for toilets to help reduce load and queues times.
  • Always have a good sink to toilet ratio.
  • If very close to 90% morale you can, temporally, increase by a few % without using money. When very close, 85% or similar, sort staff in Staff list to most unhappy at the top. Then send them all on break and wait.

3 Star Duckworth

I have gained these stars live on my own streams, should you wish to check it out!