Hello Peeps!

Today Two Point Studios finally announced their new game, Two Point Hospital!

It seems after 20 years we are finally getting a true spiritual successor to Theme Hospital. In a tweet posted on the brand new Twitter account, we were given links to the new Trailer, sneak peak pictures of the game and introduced to our first illness, Light Headedness. Now the lightbulb makes sense!

"Calling all Two Point County Residents - Two Point Hospital will open later this year! Build your hospital, Hire your staff, Try not to kill anyone."
Two Point Hospital

Watch the trailer here on the official Two Point Hospital YouTube channel - Announcement Trailer

Later in the day we were given five sneak peak images of the game so we could get a taste of what Two Point Studios has been working on. Check them out below!

Two Point Hospital is slated to be out Autumn 2018 and is set to be this year's sickest game!

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