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RELEASED: 06 February 2019

Build: 1.11.26206+2019-02-06.0547 (build 3535603)

Original post: HERE.

This is the first release that uses Steam Workshop functionality. You can now create your own decorative paintings, pictures, canvases, rugs, walls and floors to customise your hospital however you want.

Official Two Point Hospital Workshop wiki can be found HERE.

  • Ability to customise walls and floors within the game, and share via Workshop.
  • Ability to create pictures and rugs, and share via Workshop.
  • New Rug shapes and sizes.
  • Ability to share your Sandbox saves via Workshop. You can do this in the Sandbox menu in the "My hospitals" tab by clicking on "Share".
  • Fix for some instances of becoming unable to place items in corridors.
  • Various crash + bug fixes.

UPDATED: 7th February 2019

Build: v1.11.26305

  • Updated to fix broken Workshop items caused by using a preview image larger than 1 mb (CL 26263)
  • Updated to fix an occasional crash on Linux and a bug that happens when receiving workshop item updates whilst not in sandbox mode, after having entered sandbox mode. The effect was that no more workshop item updates would be received (CL 26305)

Known Issue Edit

If you publish an item or bundle and chose a preview image over 1mb you won't be able to publish. If you then change the image to be under 1mb you will be able to publish the item, however it will be broken and if people subscribe to it they won't be able to see the item in game. We have fixed this issue and are testing it now, but in the meantime to workaround you can press "Create as New Item" instead of "Update Workshop Item".