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RELEASED: 05 December 2018

Build: 1.9.24525+2018-12-05.1512 (build 3369285)

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Here is a list of what is in this patch;

Not to be confused with the Bigfoot DLC released the same day.

  • Two new audio voice overs (VO) in German and Mandarin for tannoy, DJ and opening video.
  • New music tracks.
  • Radio update with new adverts, tannoy lines and DJ shows.
  • New animations for Wall Monitor and Operation Monitor.
  • Wall Monitor can now be placed above Ward Bed.
  • You can now give everyone a pay rise in the Pay Review screen with a single click!
  • Added Policy Screen which includes;
    • Set your own diagnosis threshold slider.
    • Adjust queue warning length slider.
    • Fast track treatment button, (skips final GP's Office visit).
    • Prevent staff from leaving rooms when idle button.
    • Turn off staff training messages button.
    • Promote staff automatically button.
  • Fixed bug where you were unable to move a patient from one queue to another if they were the only patient in the queue.
  • Various bug fixes and optimisations.

New Items

All these items are unlocked with Kudosh.

UPDATED: 7th December 2018

Build: v1.9.24567

  • Fix bug where if you have more than 18 Sandbox saves the Sandbox UI stops functioning correctly.
  • Fix bug where quick load was not working in Sandbox

UPDATED: 10th December 2018

Build: v1.9.24604

UPDATED: 11th December 2018

Build: v1.9.24620

  • Fix for load failure