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RELEASED: 26 October 2018 Beta Build

Build: 1.8.22864+2018-10-26.1423 (build 3250305)

Sandbox: Freeplay will unlock after getting 1 star in Flottering. At which point you will be able to play any of the 15 hospitals in a full sandbox mode.

Sandbox Features

  • Cash slider, start with -$20,000 or +$10,000,000.
  • Kudosh slider, at max starts with 20,000.
  • Unlock every room.
  • Unlock every item.
  • Unlock every upgrade.
  • Set your own challenges.
  • Set your own objectives.
  • Set the temperature.
  • Adjust income multiplier.
  • Set patient arrival rate.
  • Set illnesses.
  • Unlock all plots.
  • Turn off patient emergencies.
  • Turn off epidemics.
  • Turn of disasters.
  • Turn off VIP visits.
  • Rename hospitals.

Global changes

  • Ability to specify diagnosis or treatment for rooms that can handle both (Ward, Psychiatry and DNA).
  • Added visual effect for projector in Training Room.
  • All staff and any patients who are leaving the hospital are not initially infected by Epidemics.
  • Fixed issue with staff resigning after already having been fired.
  • Fix issue where key bindings were not always being saved.
  • Various bug fixes and optimisations.

UPDATED: 27 October 2018

Build: v1.8.22888+2018-10-27.1753 (build 3253315)

  • Fix anti-aliasing option in settings.
  • Fix some sandbox save errors.

UPDATED: 30 October 2018

Build: v1.8.22904+2018-10-29.1247 (build 3256854)

  • Exported from Beta Branch to Main Branch.

UPDATED: 5 November 2018

Build: v1.8.23179+2018-11-03.0708 (build 3273395)