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RELEASED: 03 October 2018

Build: v1.6.21874+2018-10-03.1451 (build 3179269)

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Here is a list of what is in this patch;

  • Character customisation - you can now change the colour of outfits for nurses, assistants, janitors and doctors. To do this select a character and click on the clothes hanger icon on their UI.
  • Ability to change the name of all staff, patients and rooms. To do this select a character or room and click on its name to edit.
  • Ability to set priority for adviser pop up messages in the settings screen. You can also turn the adviser off. 
  • You can now drag and drop patients from the room queue list to other rooms of the same type.
  • AI: Patient and staff needs, queues and janitor improvements. We are still working on this.
    • Patient and staff needs increase at a slightly slower rate.
    • Use interaction start position when calculating queue distances as character position may be off the nav mesh.
    • Reduced urgent need search distance for boredom, litter and food/drink. Reduction based on queue position.
    • Fixed fire extinguishers not being initialised correctly and Janitors behaving a bit strange with fires in corridors.
    • Fixed Janitors not properly completing fire jobs.
    • Interaction scoring is now additive, based on distance plus penalties for queue length, and interaction already in use or reserved. Should help with things like: picking a changing booth in the ward, etc.
    • Toilet Behaviour: Don't bother drying hands if no hand dryers are free.
    • Fixed a few potential time issues that could cause characters to 'hang around' longer than they should.
    • Various fixes to improve patient needs and behaviours. 
    • Fix for Janitors continuing to look for extinguishers after the machine has exploded.
    • Characters leave the hospital as soon as they're ready to depart instead of when they've completed their departure sequence i.e. using a subway.
    • Queue Bumping: Use path distance rather than straight-line distance for queue-bumping decisions.
    • Patients sit on bench for longer before looking for a nicer place to sit.
  • Saved training sessions are correctly cancelled so Guest Trainers are sent out of the hospital.
  • Further fixes to training and guest trainers.
  • Fixed some money exploits. 
  • Optimisations.
  • Retina support is enabled but resolution is limited to 1800 vertical res (due to performance issues). There is also a command line option to disable the limit --disable-mac-resolution-limit.
  • If you hold down Ctrl+Shift+U the HUD will be disabled. This is an experimental feature for screenshots or video capture. The game will pause if an event happens and you will need to re enable the HUD to continue.

UPDATED: 5 October 2018

Build: v1.6.21965+2018-10-05.1518 (build 3186504)

  • Updated to add Kudosh cost to staff outfits, smooth the character customisation camera and ensure that the player isn't charged for automatically added hospital windows when editing a room.

UPDATED: 8 October 2018

Build: v1.6.22002+2018-10-08.1037 (build 3191822)

  • Updated to fix a bug with moving rooms.

UPDATED: 10 October 2018

  • Exported from Beta Branch to Main Branch.