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RELEASED: 22 September 2018

Build: v1.5.21458+2018-09-20.0625 (build 3139962)

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  • Fix for patients and guest trainers sometimes not going home when they should be
  • Fix some online leaderboards accidentally being split across English and non-English locales
  • Fix for some broken guest trainers
  • Fix various soft locks and errors
  • Fix for saves failing to load if the saved state is for the wrong behaviour
  • Fixed various issues which were causing characters to occasionally teleport out of rooms
  • Display [...] as a status icon above the head of patients who are being called in to a room

UPDATED: 27 September 2018

Build: v1.5.21696+2018-09-27.0505 (build 3160447)

  • Updated to add some additional error messaging and a crash fix (CL 21696).