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RELEASED: 14 September 2018

Build: v1.4.21201+2018-09-14.1002 (build 3121413)

See original post for more details and how to install: HERE.

  • Copy and paste rooms
  • Fix corrupt saves due to light headedness patients in a certain state
  • Fix corrupt saves due to broken guest trainers that were already in a vehicle
  • Fix corrupt saves due to characters interacting with broken items
  • Make some parts of game friendlier to anti-virus (fixes some random hard crashes)
  • Fix graphical issues on OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Fix various instances of room building getting broken
  • Fix various instances of characters getting stuck
  • Improved queuing situation with various bug fixes and balance tweaks (We are still working on this!)
  • Café is a bit more sensible in terms of desirability compared to vending machines (if you have a cafe in an already built hospital you will need to edit it and rebuild for the change to take effect)
  • Fix queue positions in selection UI not updating
  • Fix staff getting tired, hungry etc before being placed in the hospital
  • Fix finance not working after loading last save after going bankrupt
  • Fix ghosts broken after loading save

UPDATED: 15 September 2018

Build: v1.4.21253+2018-09-14.2117 (build 3123387)

  • Fix machine upgrades being carried across if you copy and pasted a room while an upgrade was in progress.
  • Bug with recruitment marketing campaigns after loading from a save.