Disc JockeysEdit

Harrison WolffEdit

Your night time, tired radio host.

  • 'I don't know what my time travelling future self is up to, but my arm just disappeared.'
  • 'I went to the Cirque du Parfait recently. I was impressed by how experimental the acts were, 'til I realised I was facing the wrong way and just looking at the tent wall.'

Sir Nigel BickleworthEdit

Ricky HawthornEdit

Original Music Edit

Track Sample
Bassinets - Jorge & The Deuce
Bassinets Short
Come On Over - What? Where?
Come On Over Short
Gomer - Book Smell
Gomer Short
Miami Swing - Cuticle Karate
Miami Swing Short
Midnight Blue - Project Vineyard
Midnight Blue Short
Night Ward - Not My Cousin
Night Ward Short
On Call - Lindy-Sue and The Staircase Gang
On Call Short
Recover & Regain - Puffin Pot
Recover and Regain Short
Remedy Hill - Two with Mustard
Remedy Hill Short
Samba de Medicana - Flemington La
Samba de Medicana Short
Sundries - J-U-L-I-A
Sundries Short
The Gamble Man - Blueberry Longhorn
The Gamble Man Short
The Last Dose - Postal Ceviche
The Last Dose Short
The Waiting Room - Speaking Faces
The Waiting Room Short
Water Wednesday - Chicken Butter
Water Wednesday Short
Wet Laundry - Egg and Terracotta Soldiers
Wet Laundry Short

Spooky Mode Music Edit

Track Sample
Midnight Wolf - Project Vineyard
Midnight Wolf Short
Remedy Thrill - Two with Mustard
Remedy Thrill Short
The Bogey Man - Blueberry Longhorn
The Bogey Man Short
Wet Pumpkin - Egg and Terracotta Soldiers
Wet Pumpkin Short
Witch Ward - Not My Cousin
Witch Ward Short
Spookinets - Jorge & The Deuce
Spookinets Short


  • Briney Brittle is a yummy salty snack that makes you really thirsty! The taste of the sea right in your mouth!
  • The Four Freddies, Barbershop Quartet