Listed here are all the projects currently being worked on across the Two Point Hospital Wiki. If you are unsure of what to work on next, then picking something from this task list will be the best focus of work effort. Please make yourself familiar with the Manual of Style before you begin editing.

You are welcome to contribute to any of these projects and help the wiki become the number one resource for all things Two Point Hospital. We recommend starting from the most popular pages and working backwards.

Ongoing Projects

These projects are ongoing. There is no end time frame nor a completion goal. Our goal is to minimise these projects.

Article Stubs
Article stubs are articles missing vital information. You can start expanding these articles by adding in the missing information. Once all or most information has been added, you may remove Template:Stub from the article. Otherwise, if you notice an article is missing information, you can add the template by typing in {{Stub}} on the bottom of the article. To view a list of stubs, check this category page.
Placeholder Images
While articles can be expanded and made more attractive with the addition of images, certain images, such as those displayed in infoboxes, are considered urgently needed. You can upload an image through Special:Upload and add the image to the article, replacing the standard placeholder image. To view a list of articles currently displaying the placeholder image, check the placeholder image list.
Clean-up are articles that do not conform to the standards of the wiki's Manual of Style. You can improve the articles through standardisation by correcting a layout, checking spelling and grammar, and proper categorisation and use of templates. Once the article has been standardised, you can remove Template:Cleanup from the article. Otherwise, if you notice an article needs improvement, you can add the template by typing in {{Cleanup}} on the bottom of the article. To view a list of articles needing improvement, check the category page.

List of Projects

Help expand illness pages by adding in: description, best diagnoses options, stats, treatment details, hospital appearances, images, and more.
Help expand articles by adding a description, including appearance and function, stats, and images along with upgrade and maintenance details if relevant.
Help expand room articles by adding in: unlock details, appearance, staff required, images, and more.
Help expand hospital articles by adding in: objectives, unlock and intro details, illnesses encountered, plot information, images, and more.

Admin Projects

These projects are move involved and require high levels of communication and team work. As such these aspects are currently administration projects only. If you are interested in more responsibility and time investment with the wika, check out the Administrators article for details.

Helping Out Section ACTIVE
To improve, expand and clarify all aspects of participating with the wiki. This includes style, policies, administration and more.
Community Improvements IN DEVELOPMENT
Adding some front page benefits to help promote community on the wiki, overhaul of profile walls, wiki only section to be created on discord and more.
Supporting Articles INACTIVE
Articles that need regular updating and maintenance are currently lacking in layout, standardisation, images, links and more. These articles require unique levels of attention and off standard formats.
Improve Overall Layout IN DEVELOPMENT
It is currently felt that article location and how game information is presented from the front end menus isn't optimal. This needs brainstorming and eventually adjusted to a better method. When this project becomes active, please expect changes to the main menus, front page, and possibly the splitting and merging of current articles.
Front Page Improvements INACTIVE
Making the front page more presentable in both information, look and style is required. Aspects have already been completed. Including;
  • News section
  • Featured article added
  • Improved Patches list
  • Addition of community features
Still waiting work;
  • Addition of the 'Did You Know' daily tips
  • Total overhaul of welcome paragraph
  • Improved and more prominent 'Helping Out' links and graphics
  • Overall revision of possible front page features that could be added
  • Formalising the entire front page style
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