Policies are the rules and guidelines of the Two Point Hospital Wiki. They are the means of keeping the Two Point Hospital Wiki safe and under control by providing a positive experience to the users. Creating a detrimental environment may be grounds for a temporary or permanent block on your account. All blocks are under the discretion of the blocking administrator.

General Policy

These guidelines are applied throughout the wiki, regardless if the description states a specific location.

Be civil with one another - assume good faith
All discussions must remain in a civilised manner. Harassing or the act of attacking another user or users is not allowed. Respect each other, and remain calm and mature in tense situations. Always assume good faith. Profanity is not allowed on the wiki; keep it safe for work. If another user or group of users are causing problems, please contact an active administrator and avoid continuing the conversation.
Don't feed the trolls
Trolls are users who intentionally cause problems on the wiki in the attempt to draw attention. Giving trolls attention can be detrimental to the wiki as it gives the troll more reasons to cause problems. If you spot a troll, ignore them and contact an active administrator immediately. Never leave childish or immoral comments on the troll's message wall.
Avoid malicious intents
Spamming, vandalising, or other forms of malicious works that harms the wiki's productivity are forbidden. Other forms of malicious intents include but are not limited to: blanking (removing valid content), using profane language (anywhere on the wiki), edit-warring, or adding inappropriate content and/or files. Users causing intentional malicious works can be blocked with or without reason or discussion.
Never plagiarise - use your own words
Copying another person's work(s) is not allowed. Gather your own information, or in certain scenarios, cite your sources of any information that you gather. If you copy content from another person, you must give attribution to all editors. Plagiarised content will be removed with or without reason.
Illicit advertisement is forbidden
Advertising to another unapproved website is not acceptable. Citing a website related to Two Point Hospital is permitted, as long as the website is for use of information and not purely for advertising. Malicious websites are strictly forbidden, regardless if it contains information related to Two Point Hospital. All websites need to be approved by an administrator if the links are to be displayed anywhere outside of an article. Websites may not interfere with the flow of traffic to the wiki; all links must be used as a reference and only as a reference to help an article gain more credibility. Websites used as reference points may still need to be approved by the administrator; approval is at the administrator's discretion.

Discussion Policy

The discussion policy is a policy regarding message walls, article comments, blogs and blog comments, edit summaries, hidden comments (through <!-- -->) and more. This policy outlines the responsibilities of a user when leaving comments on any part of the wiki.

Be civil with one another - assume good faith
All discussions must remain in a civilised manner. Harassing or the act of attacking another user or users is not allowed. Respect each other, and remain calm and mature in tense situations. Always assume good faith. Profanity is not allowed on the wiki; keep it safe for work. If another user or group of users are causing problems, please contact an active administrator and avoid continuing the conversation.
Stay on topic
Off topic discussions are not permitted on any commenting section. Off topic is defined as, but is not limited to: irrelevant, unhelpful, or otherwise not contributing to the article or discussion.
Keep opinions relevant
Opinions are a great way to start discussions. However, opinions that do not contribute to the article or discussion should be left out. Off topic opinions or unhelpful opinions will be removed. Helpful opinions are defined as: on-topic, providing insight or benefits to a discussion; or providing feedback to the article.
For example, comments such as "Toxic-Waste Bin is the best bin!" is considered off topic and not contributing to the article. However, stating facts or helpful opinions are permitted, if relevant to the article or question, such as "Toxic-Waste bins are the best for remaining hygienic even when full..."
Providing experiences of your gameplay is generally accepted, as long as it does not violate any policies.
Questions or concerns? Leave comments
Ask questions or concerns relevant to the article or discussion. Do not hesitate leaving comments. The Two Point Hospital Wiki is always willing to help. We kindly ask you to leave comments on appropriate pages and/or correct discussion filters.
Reporting bugs
For your information, The Two Point Hospital Wiki is not affiliated with the game, Two Point Studios, SEGA, or other subsidiaries. Our comments section is not a recommended place to report bugs. For bug reporting, please report them on the official Two Point Hospital Steam discussion boards.
Do not comment on old posts
Posts that are 30+ days old should not be continued. Old posts may no longer be relevant to the article or discussion. Please start a new discussion. "Bumping" a comment is not allowed, unless approved by a moderator. If a question or concern is left unanswered, you can notify an experienced player instead.
Do not spam
Spamming is not permitted, no exceptions. Spamming is considered to be, but not limited to: leaving comments on several pages or other comments (even if relevant) within a short period of time; using all capitalisation; repetition; or trolling.
Inappropriate content is forbidden
Vandalism, using profane language, or adding inappropriate content and/or media is not allowed. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to: language, pornography or sexual acts, racism or discrimination, drugs, violence, or blood and gore. Profanity may be edited out or the entire comment deleted.

Comments that violate these policies may be removed, and the offender(s) blocked from further commenting. All other comment removal will be under the discretion of the acting moderator.


When moderating, users should always assume good faith. New or inexperienced users are least likely to understand the culture and rules of the wiki. Kindly and respectfully notify the user of the issues that violate the policies. Lead the user in the right direction. Questions left on unrelated articles should not be deleted.

Intentional harm is detrimental to the health of the wiki. If a user or users vandalise, leave inappropriate comments, spam, or generally cause problems, these comments should be deleted with or without notifying the offender. Severe instances should notify an active administrator to immediately block the user.

Staff Policy

The staff policy outlines the sole responsibilities of each user holding user rights. These staff policies ensure that each user does not abuse their rights; by abusing their rights, they may be subject to removal of rights.

Understand that user rights are a responsibility, not a privilege
User rights are not a privilege or a reward. It is your responsibility to use these rights for the betterment of the wiki. You should never abuse your rights in the manner of, but not limited to: unfair blocking, locking pages without warrant, promoting other users without consensus, closing civilised disputes, and more. User rights are simply extra tools to help the wiki.
Be familiar with wiki-markup and moderation
You should be familiar with how to edit various styles of pages, such as articles, templates, categories, and more. You should have a decent understanding of MediaWiki and the policies set forth by FANDOM, including, but not limited to: keeping ads from being hidden, changing the interface, or disrupting the flow of the wiki.
Subject to removal of harmful edits
You are to remove any edits that are harmful to the health of the wiki. If you see any form of malicious edits, such as spam or vandalism, you must remove them. All inappropriate material, extending from articles to files (and more), are to be removed in a quick and professional manner.
Never use your rights in your favour
You are to use your user rights in a professional manner. You may not use your rights to settle a dispute against your favour or other users' favour. You may not cause edit warring, or the act of trying to win your edit over others. You may not act out against other users, for example, blocking them. All acts of favouritism towards you or another user is prohibited. You must treat all users equally.
Meet all the rules and requirements set forth
All the rules and requirements are to be met under certain circumstances. You should never have a block history lasting longer than 1 month (terms and conditions apply), be active, never attempt to harm the wiki, and more. All wiki policies are to be followed at all times; your user rights do not dismiss you from following the rules.
Any infringement subject to right removal
Any form of infringement may and will cause removal of your user rights. A majority consensus is to be held to discuss a user's right removal. Severe infractions may not require a consensus, terms and conditions apply.


All users holding user rights are to be active at all times. Inactivity is bound for right removal. When you do not contribute for a certain number of days, or are making minimal nonconstructive edits, your rights may be removed with or without consensus.

  • You will be marked semi-active within 30 days with minimal contributions.
  • You will be marked inactive within 60 days with no contributions.

After 90 days of inactivity, from the last date you constructively edited, you may be subject for removal of user rights. Note, these 90 days do not protect you from right removal; your rights may be removed at any time after your inactivity period.

  • Your rights are removed with consensus if you are semi-active.
  • Your rights are removed with or without consensus if you are inactive.


Sometimes you will face personal issues or other issues that may prevent you from editing. You must notify an active administrator for your incoming hiatus. This will help you retain your user rights, but does not protect you at all cost. After 90 days, you will be considered to have abandoned your responsibilities and will be marked as inactive.

Achievements Policy

Achievements are a fun minor activity registered editors of the Two Point Hospital Wiki can participate in. By contributing to the Two Point Hospital Wiki, editors are awarded an achievement for meeting certain criteria.

Abusing the system may temporarily or indefinitely suspend the achievements feature, harming the wiki in any way that goes against these policies and other policies can result in a block from the wiki.

Spamming for badges is unacceptable
Editing for achievements is not allowed on the Two Point Hospital Wiki. You must not spam, vandalise, or otherwise go against the wiki policies. All edits must come from the intention of positively contributing to the wiki.
Blog posts are not to be abused
Blogs are an interesting feature, for example, introducing yourself, notifying editors, adding news, and more. However, if your intention is to just create a blog post solely for the badges, you are abusing the blogging system and achievements. Please add some context to your blog post. Additionally, do not comment on blog posts for the sole purpose of getting the commentary badges.
Blocked users won't show up on the leaderboard

When you are blocked, your badges are hidden (not lost). You are hidden from the leaderboard. When unblocked, you get them back. Avoid yourself from getting blocked.

Blocking Policy

The blocking policy controls the effects of blocking. Blocking a user is the means of preventing the user from editing and/or leaving comments. It is a last resort to a problem-causing user and should never be used to resolve a dispute or simply because you "don't like" them.

All blocks are under the discretion of the blocking administrator.

All blocks must be in good faith, meaning blocks cannot simply be from unsatisfactory work. Blocks can be issued with or without reason for the following reasons, but is not limited to:

  • Spamming
  • Vandalism
  • Harassing other users
  • Intentional legitimate content removal
  • Adding inappropriate content and/or files
  • Other forms of harmful contributions to the wiki and/or the community

Blocks cannot be issued without a reason for the following reasons:

  • Unsatisfactory work (or work that does not meet the standards of the wiki)
  • Dispute with another user(s)
  • Creating invalid articles relating to Two Point Hospital

Block Duration

The following are examples of the duration of the blocks, according to the severity of the problem.

1st offense
Warning, 1 hour block, 1 day block, 3 day block
2nd offense
Warning, 3 day block, 1 week block, 2 week block
Final offense
3 month block, 6 month block, 1 year block

Permanent blocks are not issued unless the problem persists after the final offense. Permanent blocks may be issued on the 1st offense but is not highly recommended.

Discussing a Block

All blocks are to be discussed with the administrator and the blocked user only. No outside parties are permitted in discussing a block unrelated to them. You may not ask why a user was blocked.

Protect Policy

Protecting, also known as locking, is preventing unregistered users and non-autoconfirmed users or all non-admin users from editing an article. Protecting helps protect the assets of the wiki from vandalism, spam, counter-productive edit warring, pages that are high traffic, or a project space.

As a moderator or administrator, protecting a page should be used only in important cases and must be temporary, unless used in project spaces, such as policies or the main page. All users with the ability to protect a page must follow the guidelines listed below.

Mainspace should never be protected.
We are an open-edit database. The mainspace are the articles of the wiki. If an article cannot be edited by a user, it can potentially discourage editing or prevent the addition of useful information. Mainspace may only be protected if it meets the reasons below.
Ignore your opinions and follow wiki policies
Do not use your opinions, beliefs, or ideals to protect a page. The wiki policies are the only reason to protect a page. Do not protect to settle a dispute.
All protection should be temporary
Avoid permanent protection. Permanent protection can be counter-productive to an article, as users would not be able to add in useful information. Permanent protection is permitted on project spaces.
Highly used templates should be protected
Templates that are used in numerous amounts of pages should be protected, as these templates affect multiple pages. Typically, these templates have a special coding that can be broken with a simple change.
Project spaces should be protected
Project spaces, such as the main page or policies, should be protected to prevent other users from making changes. As these are vital to the wiki, users should not be able to edit these pages. Policies should not be edited by any user without admin rights. The main page is the most important page of the wiki, as it is the landing page and typically the first page readers will see. Project spaces are not considered to be: mainspace, user pages, talk pages, categories, or files.
Violators should be blocked first
Violators of the wiki policies should be blocked first before protecting a page. Once these users are blocked, the page is less likely to be harmed, so there is no reason to protect a page. If the page is experiencing excessive vandalism or spamming from multiple users, the page should be temporarily protected.


Excessive vandalism
If a page is being excessively vandalised by a user or users, the page should be protected. The offenders should also be blocked to prevent further damage. If, from time-to-time, a page experiences excessive vandalism, the page may be protected temporarily but from unregistered users only.
Excessive spamming
If a page is experiencing excessive spamming, the page should be protected. Generally, the moderator should notify the offender(s) before locking a page, unless the spam is in obvious intent to cause harm to the wiki. If, from time-to-time, a page experiences excessive spamming, the page may be protected temporarily but from unregistered users only.
Counter-productive edit warring
"Edit warring" is editing against another user or users edits. Edit warring is not productive to the wiki and can cause harm to the history page by spamming it with unnecessary edits. As moderators, you should protect the page to prevent further damage, and notify the offenders of the violation. Disputes should be handled in article comments or message walls. This should be used sparingly.
High traffic page
High traffic page is not a reason to protect a page. This reason can only be used on the main page. With exceptions, only the administrators may protect a high traffic page.
Project spaces
Project spaces are pages with the "Two Point Hospital Wiki" namespace. Most of the time, these pages are protected from non-admin users. These pages can be protected but are not required. No other namespaces should be protected under this reason.

List of Permanently Protected Pages

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