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Close Encounters DLC Release & Retro Items Pack 29th August 2019

Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters is out now! Plus a whole new Retro Items Pack DLC which includes 26 new retro and vintage items to place in your hospitals.

There is also a top deal now on! If you're keen to try Two Point Hospital, but haven't taken the plunge yet, Two Point Hospital is totally free to play between August 29th and September 2nd! What's more, if you buy it to keep, you'll get 50% off. Phwoar!

NEW DLC - Close Encounters 21st August 2019
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Two Point Hospital Close Encounters - Official Trailer

Two Point Hospital Close Encounters - Official Trailer

Get ready to wear those tin foil hats, Two Point Hospital goes extra terrestrial with the all new Close Encounters DLC on August 29th! Bringing new illnesses, cures and of course Aliens! We've already started creating the Close Encounters wikia pages, come check them out HERE.

This DLC is currently only planned for PC and is available for purchase ahead of release with an early adopters 10% off discount until 5th September 2019.

Pick up your copy right now on Steam.

Console Dev Blogs 26th July 2019
Promo 1
Two Point Hospital - Coming to Console - Trailer

Two Point Hospital - Coming to Console - Trailer

Over the past few days members of the Two Point Studio team have talked about the console versions of Two Point Hospital. Here at the wiki, we have collected them and placed them here for your reading convenience and pleasure.

It's Coming To Console 23rd July 2019
Promo 1

You kept asking, so it's happening! Two Point Hospital is coming to PS4, Xbox One and, yes, Nintendo Switch! If you would like to know more, check out the dev blog.

Two Point Hospital recently had a console press event, where they introduced the game & new control scheme to press - looks like they liked it! *phew* Read the review

New Superbug Global Project - Meditations on Mortality 3rd June 2019

New Global Superbug Project starting today! Two Point County's least unknown artist, Zara Fitzpocket, is looking to break out of a creative rut by "collaborating with the Superbug Network". We were confused at first too, don't worry, but it seems like she just wants us to complete some medical tasks to inform and inspire a series of work she's calling "Meditations on Mortality".

Join the Official Two Point Studio discord today and be a part of the scrub community.

The Superbug Initiative is LIVE! With GLOBAL Project 30th April 2019
The Superbug Initiative A new, free update for Two Point Hospital ESRB

The Superbug Initiative A new, free update for Two Point Hospital ESRB

Come together to change the world for the better (and grab great rewards) in this awesome new, free update for Two Point Hospital, The Superbug Initiative! Join the first GLOBAL project The Gyro-Nut to gain EXCLUSIVE new items.

There are also five local projects you can play with your Steam friends. Don't have any Steam friends playing Two Point Hospital you say? Fear not, join the Official Two Point Studio discord today and be a part of the scrub community.

Build a better, brighter future, together.

A GLOBAL Initiative - The Gyro-Nut 17th April 2019
Tease Superbug

A new global Superbug Initiative has begun today! You can only take part and receive the EXCLUSIVE in-game rewards during its limited run. Be sure not to miss out and join today!

Sophie Nova, CEO of Bungle Technologies is asking for your help! Bungle have created a new, cutting-edge machine thingamajig: the Quadra-Hyper Neuro-Perma Batho-Omni Gyro-Nut. They are calling for the Superbug Network to explore different avenues of research to help design a use for this new component.

Be sure to join the brand new Official Two Point Studio Discord

The Superbug Initiative 16th April 2019
The Superbug Initiative A new, free update for Two Point Hospital ESRB

The Superbug Initiative A new, free update for Two Point Hospital ESRB

A new way to play has arrived in Two Point County. You can now complete collaborative projects with friends and globally. These exciting new challenges come with brand new in-game rewards! Such as the Ectovat and Browbeater.

You can join the Superbug Network right now via the beta branch. As long as you have gained one star in Mitton University, you are ready to go! Don't have any scrubs to collaborate with? Join the brand new Official Two Point Studio Discord

Full story...

Open Surgery - FREE WEEKEND & 33% OFF 14th March 2019
Open Surgery

'How's that for a slice of fried gold?! We're calling this epic event Two Point Hospital: Open Surgery. Not only is the game TOTALLY FREE TO PLAY from 5pm GMT today, and available at 33% off (our biggest discount yet, btw) but - and this applies to current owners of the game too - you will also be treated to a variety of items honouring our SEGA family once you've arrived in Two Point County!' Be sure to check out our SEGA Collection page.

Full story...

Golden Bathroom Suite 11th March 2019
Golden Bathroom - Hospital Pass

Golden Bathroom - Hospital Pass

Are you a member of Hospital Pass? Those who are will be enjoying their Golden Toilet DLC. Well good news Scrubs, you can finally make the entire bathroom golden, with the new Golden Bathroom Suite DLC available to all Hospital Pass members.

Full story...

Pebberley Island DLC 4th March 2019
Pebberley Island

Today new DLC was announced! A new Tropical region of Two Point County will be unleashed as intrepid explorer Wiggy Silverbottom searches for the secret to eternal life, which is rumoured to exists somewhere on the Island. This could change the future of healthcare, forever.

Full story...

NEW Interior Designer 6th February 2019
Interior Desigher GIF1

Two Point Hospital has launched an Interior Designer! As of today, in a free v1.11 update, we can create our very own walls, floors, rugs and pictures for our hospitals. We can even share our creations with others! This includes our sandbox hospital creations as well!

Full story...

Interior Design, The Squabbler & Eternal Life? 10th January 2019
Two Point Hospital Logo

Harry Puttock

There is so much to look forward to in 2019 and Harry was kind enough to give us a little teaser.

Been wanting modding support for Two Point Hospital? It was always said to come post launch but when!? Soon! How soon? Just 'soon' said Harry. He implied much is planned for the Steam Workshop, but the first modding for us to enjoy will be the “Interior Designer”. We will be able to create our own pictures, paintings, canvases, rugs, walls and floors! We can't wait to see all the custom décor in hospitals across Two Point County. More information for all-things-online, and something collaborative, will be shared soon.

The Two Point Squabbler has always been the place for all your local news. The popular Two Point County newspaper, famed for always giving 'two points of view, on all subjects', is said to be releasing an ‘online edition’, later this year. Remember Pontians, 'you decide what's true.'

The last bit of news Harry shared was the most intriguing of all.

"There’s word in Two Point County that an eccentric millionaire has set his sights on immortality in an attempt to circumvent, well... mortality. Could this be the death of healthcare as we know it?"
Harry Puttock

Full story...

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This room is unlocked during the tutorial level Hogsport and will require a Doctor to operate. The De-Lux Clinic is a Treatment Room dedicated to curing patients with Light Headed illness.

Once diagnosed with Light Headedness, patients make their way to this clinic. The patient sits in the chair of the De-Lux O-Luxe machine. The doctor, using the Console, operates a large claw (similar to claw machines found in arcades), to unscrew the bulb from the patients shoulders. Continue...

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