Tease Superbug

Collaborate with your friends, and the entire medical community, on cutting-edge research to discover unique in-game rewards. Head to the Superbug Network to get started.


Collaborate with other organisations on special research projects to discover technology and receive rewards. One star in Mitton University is required to begin The Superbug Initiative.

Local Superbug ProjectsEdit

There are various projects that can be completed locally with Steam friends who own Two Point Hospital. These friends can invite the player to join their projects and the player can create their own local projects and invite their friends to join.

Research Trees for local projects are randomly generated each time. Meaning the nodes might be something different and the tree may unfold a new pattern. However the amount of organisations required to complete a node stage always remains constant.


Local ProjectsEdit

Superbug NetworkEdit

One global project and up to three local projects can be active at one time on the Superbug Network screen. In addition, each organisation may only have one Research Node active at a time.

Global Superbug ProjectsEdit

On the Global Superbug Network Screen one can view the Research Tree for an active global project. The whole community will need to work together to complete a project. A certain number of organisations will need to complete each Research Node in order to advance down the research tree and find the Victory Node active at a time. Once a Victory Node is completed, a reward can be claimed.

Global research trees are fixed, unlike the randomly generated local projects.


Global EventsEdit

Research & Victory NodesEdit

There are many different research nodes, with all varying degrees of rarity. All research trees build from the pool of research nodes available. Listed below are the collection of research nodes, what they require to complete.

Victory nodes mark the end of a research branch, completing an aspect of the research overall. Sometimes branches of the trees will lead to a dead end, which means that this line of research didn't yield any useful results.

Node ListsEdit

Cure Patients Cure 10 Patients Any Hospital
Touch of Midas Cure 3 Patients with Touch of Midas Grockle Bay Blighton
Leopard Skin Cure 3 Patients with Leopard Skin Grockle Bay Blighton
Consecutive Cures Cure 5 Patients in a Row Any Hospital
Consecutive Cures Cure 5 Psychiatry Patients in a Row Lower Bullocks
Lightheadedness Cure 5 Patients with Lightheadedness Hogsport
Pandemic Cure 5 Patients with Pandemic Lower Bullocks
Jest Infection Cure 5 Patients with Jest Infection Flottering
Grey Anatomy Cure 5 Patients with Grey Anatomy Mitton University
Pharmacy Cure 5 Patients in Pharmacy
Psychiatry Cure 5 Patients in Psychiatry Lower Bullocks
Ward Cure 5 Patients in Ward Lower Bullocks
Psychiatry Cure 5 Patients with Night Fever Mitton University
Surgery Cure 5 Patients in Surgery Smogley
Shock Horror Cure 5 Patients with Shock Horror Melt Downs
Cubism Cure 5 Patients with Cubism Grockle Bay
Injection Room Cure 5 Patients in Injection Room
DNA Lab Cure 5 Patients in DNA Lab Melt Downs
8-Bitten Cure 5 Patients with 8-bitten Duckworth-upon-Bilge
Consecutive Cures Cure 5 DNA Lab Patients in a Row Melt Downs
Animal Magnetism Cure 5 Patients with Animal Magnetism Flemington
Premature Mummification Cure 5 Patients with Premature Mummification Sweaty Palms

Timed Cure Patients Cure 10 Patients within 90 Days Any Hospital
Timed Moneymaker Earn $200,000 within 90 Days Any Hospital
Timed Research Generate 1000 Research Points within 120 Days Any Hospital

Train Nurses Train 3 Nurses Any Hospital
Training Train 3 Staff Any Hospital
Staff Development Promote 3 Staff Any Hospital
Train Doctors Train 3 Doctors Any Hospital

Maintenance Water 5 Plants Any Hospital
Ghost Capture Capture 3 Ghosts Roquefort Castle
Moneymaker Earn $200,000 Any Hospital
Research Generate 1000 Research Points
Upgrade Machine Upgrade a Machine Any Hospital
Upgrading Machines Upgrade 3 Machines Any Hospital

Superbug ItemsEdit

Exclusive new items can be gained from completing both local and global projects. Below is a list of items so far and which project they were available from.

The Jasmine EP from Global Project Nice Smelling Research is two music tracks (Fish Whispers and Nice Smelling Face). These were later made available to all players.

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