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The Small Air Con Unit can be unlocked when one reaches Sweaty Palms, or by paying 50 Kudosh. It cools the air around it in a medium radius.

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Behold a small magic box. This device is mostly white with a sloped panel on the front that presents one with two buttons and a circle below a curved blue-to-red spectrum. The buttons are green and red. It has slats in the top (Staff, please note that the machine is Janitor-repaired, not coin-operated. Thank You.). A fan is set into the front of the machine in a teal panel.


This provides cool air wherever one needs it. In hospitals like Sweaty Palms located in the tropical areas of Two Point County it provides increased thermal comfort, a.k.a. it makes the hot places cool.

It is also useful to counter-balance heat produced by such items as Servers.

Placing multiple Air Con Units (of any size) in close proximity will make an area cold. One can use the Temperature Overlay to detect cold and hot spots.

The Small Air Con unit cools at a radius of 3 squares strongly, and tapering off over a further 3 squares.


Unlike the Radiator, Small (and regular) Air Con Units require regular maintenance from a Janitor. When they requires maintenance, they will produce less and less cool air until they are not affecting the local environment at all.

All Air Con Units can be damaged by some external elements, including Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity.


While the Small Air Con Unit has no upgrades, one can use an Air Con Unit instead to affect a larger area or a Wall Mounted version for more focused coolness.





Janitor - maintenance.


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