Building RoomsEdit

To build a room, click on the Rooms button and pick one from the list. With a room selected, drag out a floorplan of the appropriate size. Then place the required items in the room, then click the green tick.

Floor PlanEdit

You can add more space using the add blueprint button and remove space with the remove blueprint button. A room can be any shape or size, but the minimum size will be displayed at the top of the screen during room placement.

You can amend the blueprint of a room later but selecting the room and then the Edit button.

You can also pick up a blueprinted by clicking and hold the room with the Right Mouse Button and dragging the room where required. You may also rotate the room while dragging by pressing Right Mouse Button.

Once you have placed a room, you do not need to enter blueprint mode to place new items within it. This is useful, as editing the blueprint of a room while it is in use kicks out all patients and staff.

Minimum RequirementsEdit


All rooms have a minimum room size varying from 2x3 to 4x4. Every room has minimum item requirements to validate the placing of your blueprint. These required items are indicated by the yellow starburst icon.

The room cannot be accepted until all required items are placed and accessible. Item accessibility is indicated by footprints around the item while placing. Any optional items that have invalid placement will be deleted when the room is accepted.

Editing RoomsEdit

Room InspectorEdit

Main Header

Stats TabEdit

Environment Overview

Main article, see Hospital Environment

Show the attractiveness, temperature and hygiene levels of that room.

Room Overview Can change depending on the room. Tends to show queue length, who is staffing the room.

Statistics overview Can change depending on the room. Can cover room value, patients processed and revenue generated.

Queue TabEdit

View the list of visitors currently queueing for this room and even re-order them as you see fit.

Info TabEdit

Actions Footer

There are 5 buttons.

  • Items - Allows you to add more items.
  • Edit - Back to blueprinting mode to change room size, move door and windows.
  • Close - So nobody uses it anymore. Stopping costs and revenue.
  • Sell - To sell the room and everything in it.
  • High - Set to high priority so staff always prioritise staffing this room first.


As you add more items to a room, the higher its value. This increases the rooms prestige, which in turn increases the overall prestige of your hospital.

Prestige is a measure of a given Room's impressiveness. Prestige is ranked on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the most impressive. It can be increased in two ways:

  • Adding items to the room. Windows, Decorations, even mundane items like Beds or Toilets increase a room's prestige.
  • Increasing the size of the room. Just by being bigger, the room becomes more prestigious.

Being in a high Prestige room will give Staff and Patients a positive Feeling which increases their Happiness.


Rooms List Edit

Some rooms are available from the start of the game, however most rooms are unlocked during higher hospital levels and have certain prerequisites.

Diagnostic Rooms Edit

These rooms are used to diagnose the various Illnesses

Name Staff Unlocked Size
Cardiology-Icon Cardiology Nurse-Icon Lower Bullocks 3x3
DNA-Lab-Icon DNA Lab Doctor-Icon Melt Downs 3x4
Fluid-Analysis-Icon Fluid Analysis Nurse-Icon Mitton University 3x3
General-Diagnosis-Icon General Diagnosis Nurse-Icon Hogsport 3x3
GP's-Office-Icon GP's Office Doctor-Icon Hogsport 3x3
MEGA-Scan-Icon M.E.G.A Scan Doctor-Icon Mitton University 4x4
Psychiatry-Icon Psychiatry Doctor-Icon Lower Bullocks 3x3
Ward-Icon Ward Nurse-Icon Hogsport 3x4
X-Ray-Icon X-Ray Doctor-Icon Mitton University 4x4

Treatment Rooms Edit

These rooms are used to treat Illnesses after they were diagnosed.

Name Staff Unlocked Size
Chromatherapy-Icon Chromatherapy Nurse-Icon Mitton University 3x4
Clown-Clinic-Icon Clown Clinic Nurse-Icon Flottering 4x4
Cryptology-Icon Cryptology Nurse-Icon Sweaty Palms 3x4
De-Lux-Clinic-Icon De-Lux Clinic Doctor-Icon Hogsport 3x3
DNA-Lab-Icon DNA Lab Doctor-Icon Melt Downs 3x4
Fracture-Ward-Icon Fracture Ward Nurse-Icon Tumble 3x4
Head-Office-Icon Head Office Doctor-Icon Smogley 4x4
Injection-Room-Icon Injection Room Nurse-Icon Mitton University 3x3
Pans-Lab-Icon Pans Lab Doctor-Icon Hogsport 4x4
Pest-Control-Icon Pest Control Nurse-Icon Flemington 4x4
Pharmacy-Icon Pharmacy Nurse-Icon Hogsport 3x3
Psychiatry-Icon Psychiatry Doctor-Icon Lower Bullocks 3x3
Recurvery-Room-Icon Recurvery Room Doctor-Icon Grockle Bay 3x5
Resolution-Lab-Icon Resolution Lab Doctor-Icon Duckworth-upon-Bilge 4x4
Shock-Clinic-Icon Shock Clinic Doctor-Icon Smogley 4x4
Surgery-Icon Surgery Nurse-IconDoctor-Icon Smogley 3x4
Ward-Icon Ward Nurse-Icon Hogsport 3x4

Facility Rooms Edit

These rooms are required to keep your hospital running smoothly.

Name Staff Unlocked Size
Cafe-Room-Icon Café (Room) Assistant-Icon Flemington 4x5
Marketing-Icon Marketing (Room) Assistant-Icon Flemington 3x4
Reception-Room-Icon Reception (Room) Assistant-Icon Flottering 2x3
Research-Icon Research (Room) Doctor-Icon Mitton University 3x4
Staff-Room-Icon Staff Room Doctor-Icon Nurse-Icon Janitor-Icon Assistant-Icon Hogsport 2x3
Toilets-Icon Toilets Doctor-Icon Nurse-Icon Janitor-Icon Assistant-Icon Hogsport 2x3
Training-Icon Training (Room) Doctor-Icon Nurse-Icon Janitor-Icon Assistant-Icon Flottering 3x3

BF-Icon Bigfoot DLC RoomsEdit

Name Staff Unlocked Size
Doghouse-Icon Doghouse Nurse-Icon Underlook Hotel 4x4
Urban-Mythology-Icon Urban Mythology Nurse-Icon Swelbard 5x6
Reanimation-Icon Reanimation Doctor-Icon Roquefort Castle 4x4

PI-Icon Pebberley Island DLC RoomsEdit

Name Staff Unlocked Size
Indentification-Icon Indentification Nurse-Icon Pebberley Reef 3x4
Escape-Room-Icon Escape Room Nurse-Icon Overgrowth 9x5
Correcting-Pool-Icon Correcting Pool Doctor-Icon Topless Mountain 3x4

CE-Icon Close Encounters DLC RoomsEdit

Name Staff Unlocked Size
Self-Assembly-Icon Self-Assembly Nurse-Icon Goldpan 5x4
Toad-Hall-Icon Toad Hall Nurse-Icon Camouflage Falls 4x7
Personification-Icon Personification Doctor-Icon Chasm 24 6x6

Trivia Edit

While the minimum room size used to be 3x3 for most rooms, before release, this has since changed. Post release the Staff Room and Toilets can now have a minimum size of 2x3.

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