Research is completed in a Research (Room) and is an essential aspect granting access to new Rooms which allows for new methods of Diagnosis, lets you treat freshly discovered Illnesses and even unlocks Upgrades for machines to the latest tech Two Point County has to offer.

Research Screen Edit

To start a research project, either click on the Research Pod, or drop a researcher into the room. In the research screen, you can select a project from the available projects list.

Once a project has been started, you'll need a Doctor with a Research Qualification to carry out the work. They will contribute research to the project over time, based on their research skill.

Research is shared across the whole organisation, as are the discoveries we make. You can start a project in one hospital and then continue work on it in another hospital.


Selecting a Project

In the research screen, you first have to select a project from the available projects list.

The list gives you information on the stage of the research project and shows how many research points are required to finish the project.

There are multiple stages to most projects, which show after an initial research was conducted. For example:
Researching Chromatherapy, which rewards the Chromatherapy room, would result in;


Followed by
Upgrade: Chromatherapy - rewarding the Colourizer II machine upgrade.


Followed by
Advanced Upgrade: Chromatherapy - rewarding the Colourizer III machine upgrade.



The output section of the research screen starts with the name of the selected project on the top. The text below informs about the nature of the project and the result of it. This usually means unlocking new rooms or, after and upgrade research is conducted, an upgrade for one of the treatment or diagnosis machines.

The further advanced the research project the better the output result. Where basic research grants access to new rooms, upgrade and advanced upgrade projects unlock machine upgrades for treatment and diagnosis machines, depending on the project.
When researching Training: Research, the output is always the next research qualification level for Staff Training.

There are two exceptions in form of repeatable research.

  • General Research provides a steady $ income each time your researchers finished the project.
  • Generate Kudosh, as the name suggests, generates a small amount of Kudosh for each successfull project.

Research Progress


Research progress displays the amount of research points (RP) is needed before the project is completed. The higher the stage, i.e. basic or upgrade projects, the more points and time is needed.

Projects are shared between hospitals.
This means they can be started in one hospital and then continued and finished in the next. Research points already invested are always carried over across the whole foundation.

Note: Projects can be stopped at any given time and then continued at a later point.

Green Light Fee


Before a project can be started the green light fee must be covered. If the hospitals balance is in the negative, new research projects can not be started. The green light fee's hight depends on the selected project.
For more information about finances look HERE

Start Project

Once the desired project is selected and the green light fee is affordable, you can click the big, blue, Start Project button. Every researcher assigned to the research room will immediately start doing their handywork.

Project Completion

Upon completing a project, the output is unlocked for the whole foundation across all hospitals.

When a project is completed, researchers will look for work elsewhere, unless you kick off another project. As you make new discoveries, and travel to new parts of the county, your boffins will propose new areas for research. Keep your eyes peeled for new projects!

Research Points (RP) Edit

Research Progress


Research progresses over time. This can be sped up by assigning up to 4 additional doctors, with the research qualification, for a total of 5 researchers to your research room. The more doctors you want to take part in research the more Researcher's Desks you need to place in your research room. The better your staff is trained in research, the better and faster they generate research points.
For more information about qualifications see Staff Training

Another method of aiding research efforts is to install various items that give an additional +% research bonus such as Research Monitors, Servers and Super Computers.

Projects Edit


Design a machine to cure Grey Anatomy.

Upgrade: Chromatherapy
Research ways of improving Grey Anatomy treatment.

Advanced Upgrade: Chromatherapy
Smooth out the last remaining inefficiencies in our treatment of Grey Anatomy.


Design a machine to remove bandages from patients afflicted with Premature Mummification.

DNA Lab Edit

Design a machine to analyse and manipulate a person's DNA.

  • Output: DNA Lab
  • Fee: $1,000
  • RP: 1000

Upgrade: DNA Lab
We think we could go back and take some of the corners that we cut the first time.

Fluid Analysis Edit

Design a machine to extract a range of fluids from patients. For diagnostic purposes primarily. But also just for fun.

Upgrade: Fluid Analysis

  • RP: 2000

General ResearchEdit

General research to earn some money for the hospital.

  • Output: $20,000
  • Fee: $1,000
  • RP: 1000

Generate KudoshEdit

Conduct some impressive research to earn Kudosh from the medical community.

  • Output: K20
  • Fee: $1,000
  • RP: 1000

Head Office Edit

Design a machine to carefully and violently extract submerged body parts. This will hopefully help us cure patients with Turtle Head.

Upgrade: Head Office Research methods for making Turtle Head treatment more successful.

Injection Room Edit

Design a machine capable of injecting patients without having to touch them. They are filthy after all.

Upgrade: Injection Room

  • RP: 2000

M.E.G.A ScanEdit

With the discovery of X-Rays, some scientists have speculated on the possible existence of Y-Rays. Clearly that's absurd. Idiots. Let's design a massive magnet and see if it's useful for something.

Upgrade: M.E.G.A Scan

  • RP: 2000

Pest Control Edit

Design a machine to expunge unwanted beasties attached to people.

Upgrade: Pest Control
Analyse a way to better treat Animal Magnetism.

Advanced Upgrade: Pest Control
We think we've almost taken our Animal Magnetism research as far as it can go.

Recurvery RoomEdit

Design a machine to recombobulate patients suffering from Cubism.

Resolution LabEdit

The boffins at HQ hypothesise that it may be possible to up-res a person. Worth investigation!

Shock Clinic Edit

Design a machine to de-electrify those annoying people who keep giving everyone static shocks.

Upgrade: Shock Clinic

  • RP: 2000

Training: Research Edit

Investigate new research methods to help us train even better researchers.

X-Ray Edit

After Bungle Tech's discovery of V-Rays and W-Rays, which only vaporise ne in every hundred patients, scientists have speculated on the possible existence of an "X" Ray. This could revolutionise patient diagnosis.

Upgrade: X-Ray
Our research department think they could improve on our X-Ray Machine if you gave them some time. What do you think?

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