Patients will head here when they arrive at the hospital. It is best to build this near the entrance.

Receptions needs receptionists. The player may hire an assistant and drop them near the Reception by left-clicking. This will assign them as the Receptionist for the that desk.



The desk is mostly purple, the upper surfaces featuring a flecked design, the lower panels featuring a horizontal striped texture. The upper outer-facing section and the base are made of bare varnished wood.

The upper section of the desk features a bell for patients to ring, and the main section features a printer, a stationery pot, a computer monitor and keyboard, and a radio.

Spooky Mode 2018Edit

The desk is adorned by four pumpkins, one on the desk facing the patient, and three more tucked underneath.

Spooky Mode 2019Edit

The desk has a spider's web on the main surface, another beneath the desk on the left-hand side, and a skeletal hand emerging from the pencil holder.

Overgrowth HospitalEdit

The desk is built out of light-coloured wooden panels, but elsewise features the same items upon it.

Wanderoff HospitalEdit

The desk is built out of various-coloured wooden panels, but elsewise features the same items upon it.


Displays queue length when selected.


No upgrades are available, but in larger hospitals it may be more space-efficient to build a Reception Room instead.


Placed in corridors.


Each desk requires one Assistant in order to function.



  • Caption during development - 'Where patients register on arrival at the hospital.'.

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