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All updates and changes noted before game release.

  • Locker - Used to be named 'Nurse Locker' and had an in game staffing effect for the Wards. Tooltip used to read 'Each locker supports an extra nurse you want to work in the ward. A ward with one locker supports two nurses.' However this was changed due to confusion and being placed solely for aesthetics and not a staffing function. The Room Inspector was updated to allow for adjusting staff levels for the related rooms and added as an aesthetic item to others rooms, like the Staff Room.
  • Overview/Leaderboards/Staff Morale, used to be Cures Per Year by Percentage.
  • Picture was the original and only picture available in Two Point Hospital in early development. It was based on Van Gogh's Sunflowers. In game the painting was $50. The tooltip read, 'Have a lovely time looking at a lovely picture'.
  • The loan company Swindles was named Wongle.scam in early development.
  • The loan company Smell My Cash had a .com following the name in early development. Changing from to Smell My Cash with the new $MC logo.
  • First level staff Rank was previously known as Work-Ex, meaning Work Experience. These were later changed. Medical staff are now students and support staff are now interns.
  • Weak Bladder illness was removed. While the Trait of the same name remained, the illness was removed, possibly for the reason of being a bit too real. As such the page has been Archived.
  • Somnambulance illness was removed from Two Point Hospital, before release, and was replaced with Lazy Bones. The article has now been Archived.
  • Duck Face was an illness originally considered for the game, but rejected along the way.