Patients are the sickly enthusiasts in the know, who came to your Hospital in search for a cure for what ails them.

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Patients will get bored, thirsty and hungry over time. Make sure they have access to entertainment, food, drinks, and a comfy seat, when they're between appointments. If they become unhappy, they will leave to go to another hospital.

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Patients enter the hospital with full health, but gradually lose it over time. The rate at which a patient's health decreases depends mainly upon which illness the patient has. If a patient's health meter reaches zero before they begin treatment, they will die. Patients can increase their health meter by getting a drink from a Laxative Drinks Machine.

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  • Patients will become desperate and go on the floor if there are not enough Toilets. They also will not use Toilets that have become clogged, so regular maintenance by Janitors is vital.


  • Patients become bored if there aren't enough interesting items around waiting areas to keep the entertained and happy.


  • Patients become uncomfortable if there aren't enough Benches for them to sit while they wait in queue. If their boredom reaches 0%, they will 'Rage Quit' and leave the hospital instantly. This will affect the hospital reputation.

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  • Environmental attributes can be affected by Items. Such items generate a circle of effect. The further from the Item, the less the Environment is effected by that Item. For instance, placing a Plant will cause the area next to it to have high Attractiveness. However, at the fringes of the circle of effect, it will have low Attractiveness. Overlapping items are required to generate consistently high Environmental effects.


  • Hygiene is measured on an individual basis and as an environmental effect. In the Hygiene visualization mode, low Hygiene people are bright red, high Hygiene people are bright green. Low hygiene environmental effects such as clogged Toilets or full Bins, are coloured brown. Clean environments are coloured bright green.
  • Janitors are vital to Hygiene, maintaining Environmental Hygiene by emptying Bins, unclogging Toilet Cubicles, and sweeping up litter on the floor. Walking through low Environmental Hygiene or using low Hygiene items reduces personal Hygiene levels.
  • Hygiene can be improved by using Sinks, Hand Dryers, and Hand Sanitisers.
    • Hand Sanitisers are only used by Staff when they are idle in a Room or on Break. If the queues don't let up, they will never have a chance.
  • Patients who have low Hygiene, in addition to lower Happiness, will lose Health faster.


  • Positive values for attractiveness are produced by Plant and Decorative. They emanate a Green glow on the Attractiveness Heat Map.
  • Negative values for attractiveness are generated by full Bins, clogged Toilet Cubicles, Monobeast infestations, Maintenance from an explosion, and litter found on your floor. They emanate a Brown glow on the Attractiveness Heat Map.
  • If in an Ugly Environment, Patients and Staff will experience a negative Feeling that will reduce their Happiness.


  • While Hogsport had a temperate climate, other Hospitals may not. Mitton University, for example, is unpleasantly cold. On the Temperature Heat Map, the ambient temperature will appear Red if too hot, Blue if too cold, and Goldilocks yellow if just right.
  • Some machines produce heat during their normal operation, such as Super Computers. They will appear Red and emanate a Red glow on the Temperature Heat Map.
  • Some machines produce heat as they start to break down, such as the EZ-Scan. If not maintained by a Janitor, they will begin to produce more heat as they smoke and fizzle. These machines change from a dull Purple to bright Red on the Temperature Heat Map as they approach combustion. They will also emanate a Red glow.
  • If Too Hot or Too Cold, Patients and Staff will experience a negative Feeling that will reduce their Happiness.
  • Patients will start wearing winter hats if they feel too cold.
  • Plants in a hot environment will need to be watered more by Janitors.


  • Hospital Attractiveness
  • Hygiene
  • Temperature
    • Too Cold
    • Comfortable
    • Too Hot


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  • Send Home
  • Send to Another Hospital

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See, Feelings & Traits

Patients List Edit

By opening the Patients List, you can see important information about all the Patients


  • Each Patient is given a name from the Random Name Generator in the game. And what names they are. Randy Eruption. No lie there.


  • Status is the current step in the Diagnosis/ Treatment cycle that the Patient is in. The icon represents the room that the Patient is queuing for.


  • Diagnosis starts with a progress bar, representing how much Diagnosis Certainty the Diagnosis process has accrued. When it reaches 100% Certainty, the bar is replaced with the name of the Patient's Illness.


  • Happiness shows what the Patient thinks of your Hospital. It is influenced by the Patient's Feelings


  • Health represents how long the Patient can last before they expire. Treat them or send them home before this runs out.


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Rage Quit

Rage QuitEdit

Patients can only take so much! If a Patient's Happiness reduces to Zero, they will leave your Hospital, causing your Reputation to drop as well.

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