The updates page logs all the changes that have been made by the developers since launch. This includes lists of added or removed features, tweaks, and fixes. We also keep a list of all DLC released and Event changes that take place.

Version Number

The game's version number is visible in-game. Navigate to the games Settings screen either from the main menu screen or in-game. Version is seen next to the Credits button. It is useful (and sometimes required) to provide when needing assistance with bugs or issues.

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Version 1.12

Released: 20 February 2019 [1]

This update covers a wide variety of tweaks and bug fixes for the workshop feature Interior Designer. Fixed preview images larger than 1MB causing failure to upload to Steam Workshop (images are automatically downscaled).

  • Fixed issue with UGC (User-generated content) room items not being unlocked in sandbox when "All Unlocked" option is turned on
  • Fixed issue with selection area rotation in UGC image picker
  • Fixed issue with Workshop sandbox saves not updating level Kudosh
  • Fixed issue with incorrect message dialogues appearing when loading UGC sandbox saves
  • Fixed issue causing black textures when deleting local UGC
  • Fixed issue where downloaded hospital items were not getting updated on workshop items update notifications
  • Added support for line breaks in UGC description field
  • Added tab key toggling between input fields on UGC screen
  • Added filter to item filters list for each UGC bundle
  • Improved item icons for e.g. long rugs. For any existing items you will need to update the item for the new icon * to be regenerated.
  • Tweaked display of names of missing UGC items

UPDATED: 22nd February 2019

Build: 1.12.27083+2019-02-20.1922 (build 3579338)

  • Updated to fix bug in Sandbox mode where If you chose to have the Items option "All Unlocked" when creating a sandbox hospital, all rooms will be unlocked when starting the hospital, even if you have the rooms "Unlock with research" option on.

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