Online Challenges Edit

Compete with other healthcare organisations in a range of timed challenges. Earn extra rewards, and bragging rights, by triumphing over your rivals. Take on rival organisations from Two Point County, or challenge hospitals owned by your Steam Friends.

Each challenge takes place over a number of months. You can compete at the same time as your rivals, or at separate times, and your results are recorded by the Two Point Competition Committee. You'll receive updates throughout the challenge on how each participant was doing at the stage of the competition.

Description Edit

Each hospital will have three challenges available. You can choose and play one at a time, however, you can abandon the challenge at anytime and take out another.

Starting a Challenge Edit

Pick challengers from friends list. More detail needed.

Competitive Online Challenges Edit

Note: A table for these in the future will be good as you get certain challenges on certain levels.

  • Training Challenge
  • Promotion Challenge
  • Cures Challenge
  • Research Challenge

Inspector Details Edit

More details needed.

Scores Edit

Displays the list of competing rivals. As the log updates each day of activity the scores and graph will update in this section.

You can also send up to three pictures with messages during the challenge from the bottom of the scores section. Type in your message where it states 'Enter text...' take a screenshot using the camera button and it will then send your picture and message to all others in the challenge.

If you send the picture on the 7th day of the challenge, then your rivals will receive the image when they reach the 7th day of the challenge.

Info Edit

Has a tab for each rival filled with detailed information about their competing hospital. Including amount of staff employed, patient treatment outcomes, balance, reputation, overall healthcare organisation details and more.

Log Edit

Updates the activity across each competition hospital and compares.

Collaborative ChallengesEdit

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