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Once built, the Marketing Room provides the option to run marketing campaigns for your hospital. This allows for new ways of improving your hospital's Reputation, attracting Patients with particular Illnesses and hire Staff of certain types.


To start a marketing campaign, select a marketing table and choose a marketing direction.

  • General Marketing - to improve hospital reputation.
  • Illness Marketing - to attract patients with certain Illnesses.
  • Recruitment Marketing - to attract staff.

After you selected the desired direction you are presented with a more detailed choice of campaign goals. Every option offers different outcomes based on its size, duration and type of campaign.

Cost and outcome depend on the base campaign cost, the size (applies to general marketing) and the duration of the campaign.

Three months is the minimum duration for each campaign, every additional month adds $5,000 to the campaign's cost for Small or Medium campaigns. Every additional month adds $10,000 to the campaign's cost for Large campaigns.

  • Small, short lived campaigns are the cheapest but least profitable
  • Large, long-term campaigns being the most expensive but also being the most rewarding.




Marketing CampaignsEdit

General MarketingEdit

Small CampaignEdit

Give your reputation a small boost with an advert in the lonely hearts coluumn in the Two Point Squabbler.

  • Campaign Cost $10,000 for 3 months

Medium CampaignEdit

Boost our reputation by commissioning a series of pro-hospital posters around the County.

  • Campaign Cost $20,000 for 3 months

Large CampaignEdit

Give our reputation a massive boost with a huge TV campaign, featuring superstar actor Roderick Cushion.

  • Campaign Cost $40,000 for 3 months

Illness MarketingEdit

Psychiatry Campaign Edit

We can pay Two Point Radio to pump out an untraceable but effective advert on their frequency whilst everyone sleeps. That should lure patients for Psychiatry.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Pharmacy CampaignEdit

Start an awareness campaign for all of the wonderful new drugs our hospital is using. Should bring in more patients for the Pharmacy.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Injection CampaignEdit

A campaign centered around needles: people just love needles.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Ward CampaignEdit

Start a rumour that our Ward beds are the comfiest around. That should be enough to see a rise in the number of Ward patients.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Fracture CampaignEdit

Advertisements are installed in the County's most accident-prone locations.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Turtle Head CampaignEdit

Attract Turtle Head patients using an informative video explaining the science behind our patented Turbo-Plunger.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Pandemic CampaignEdit

A short documentary is released focusing on the plight of those suffering from kitchen based calamities.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Grey Anatomy CampaignEdit

A TV advertising campaign, broadcast during a popular medical drama about doctors snogging each other.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Recruitment Marketing Edit

Surgery Campaign Edit

Campaign for more Surgery patients by paying for a series of posters depicting the advantages of having things taken out of you.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Doctor CampaignEdit

Pay our Doctors to say good things about us to all of their Doctor friends at one of their Doctor meetings.

  • Campaign Base Cost $7,000

Nurse CampaignEdit

Pay for a spread in the Two Point Squabbler advertising all of our great nursing opportunities.

  • Campaign Base Cost $7,000

Janitor CampaignEdit

A recruitment drive to attract professional curlers and other fearsome sweepers to work as Janitors.

  • Campaign Base Cost $7,000

Assistant CampaignEdit

Fake a poetry competition to trick assistants into applying for positions at our hospital.

  • Campaign Base Cost $7,000

Surgeon CampaignEdit

Put up posters in butchers and delis around Two Point County to attract out of work surgeons.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Psychiatrist CampaignEdit

A subliminal advertising campaign to encourage psychiatrists to apply to work at the hospital, against their will.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Researcher CampaignEdit

A recruitment drive to attract the mad scientist types with an interest in research.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Genetics CampaignEdit

Send a newsletter to all of the County's most prominent greenhouses to attract specialists in genetics. Plants can't be that different from people.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Radiology CampaignEdit

Pay to have an ad put into this month's 'Ex-Bungle Employees Support Group' newsletter to see if there are any qualified radiologists looking for a job.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Ghost Capture CampaignEdit

Make a donation to Harrison Wolff's 'Paranormally Proactive' initiative and he'll put in a good word with some of the qualified ghost-hunters he knows.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Mechanics CampaignEdit

Put an advert in Nuts about Bolts, the County's premier engineering editorial to attract a qualified mechanic.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000

Marketing CampaignEdit

We should be able to impress fellow marketeers with our nuanced use of advanced marketing techniques. Rent an advertising blimp, that should get them on board.

  • Campaign Base Cost $16,000
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