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Nobody likes to do the dirty jobs, except these guys, who absolutely love it. We’re not kidding: they revel in the joy of filth (also a popular read amongst the janitors of Two Point County). A puddle of human effluent is enough to give them a warm glow, not dissimilar to the warm glow the floor is now radiating.

Of course, they’re not just clearers-up of trash and wee, some of them are also highly-trained maintenance staff and ghost catchers. So both busting and someone busting for a wee make them feel good.

A Janitor is a member of staff who can be hired to keep the litter at bay as well as maintain and repair machinery in a hospital. Many machines that can be built in a hospital require a janitor to be upgraded and kept in pristine condition.

Janitor is the busiest staff in Two Point Hospital

For details on training staff members, see Staff Training.


Under the Stats Tab you can view staff type specific information. There is the pie chart and the overall skill percentages.

Charlie Work

Drinks and snacks are great for keeping people happy, but they can lead to littering if there are no bins nearby. While we're at it, staff and patients will get pretty grumpy if they don't have access to any toilets. You might want to invest in some quality porcelain.

Janitors will help maintain all of these: restocking vending machines, sweeping up litter, emptying bins, and unblocking toilets.

If a machine falls into disrepair it can be a fire hazard. Fires are generally considered, erm, bad for busines.

These Are the Janitor's Role:

  • Maintenaince for machines
  • Restock vending machines
  • Sweep up litter
  • Empty bins
  • Unblock toilets
  • Upgrade Machines
  • Ghost Capture
  • Watering Plants
  • Extinguish Fire
  • Repair Aircon
  • Upgrading Machines

Job AssignmentEdit

Janitor TrainingEdit


  • Intern Janitor
  • Junior Janitor
  • Janitor
  • Senior Janitor
  • Head Janitor


  • +1 Training Slot
  • +15% Movement Speed
  • +25% Upgrade Skill
  • +25% Maintenance Skill

Skill QualificationsEdit

Ghost Capture

Personal QualificationsEdit

Emotional Intelligence
Stamina Training
Training Masterclass

Skill CombinationEdit

Best qualification combinations with job assignments for janitors.

Ghost CaptureEdit


Certain Items require maintenance, which can be determined by the Maintenance Visualization Mode. You can also hover over a maintainable machine to see a progress bar, indicated by a yellow triangle with a wrench, to see if it needs maintaining.

Plants Plants need watering regularly by Janitors. If they do not receive maintenance, they will begin to wilt and no longer generate Attractiveness.

Snack and Drink Machines Snack Machines and Drink Machines require refilling by Janitors. If they do not receive maintenance, they will become empty, so that Patients and Staff cannot buy from them.

Toilets and Bins Toilet Cubicles require unclogging by Jantiors and Bins require emptying. If they do not receive maintenance, they will begin to emanate low Hygiene, causing Staff and Patients who interact with them to lose Hygiene.

Machines A Janitor will be called to repair a machine if its maintenance level drops below 50%. At less than 50% maintenance, a machine will begin to spark and fizzle. On the Temperature Visualization Mode, it will appear bright Red and emanate uncomfortable Heat. If left at 0% maintenance, the machine will catch...

Fire Slight problem...One of our machines is on fire due to poor maintenance! A Janitor will look for a fire extinguisher to put out the fire before it is too late. Make sure to have enough Fire Extinguishers nearby.

Only Janitors will use Fire Extinguishers. The machine is still able to be saved at this point. If the machine is still left alone, however, there will be an...

Explosion Oh dear. One of our machines exploded. We'll need to clear up the debris, get rid of the wreckage and buy a new machine. Let's make sure we have enough fire extinguishers and Janitors too.


Upgrading a machine will make it more effective at diagnosing or treating patients. To upgrade a machine you'll need a Janitor with a Mechanics Qualification. Select the machine and choose the upgrade option. A qualified Janitor will then upgrade the machine. You can unlock more upgrades through research and challenges.

Janitor Uniforms Edit

Main article, see Staff Customisation
J-Default-Icon Default
J-Faded-Icon Faded
J-Dark-Icon Dark
J-Darker-Icon Darker
J-Highly-Visible-Yellow-Icon Highly Visible Yellow
J-Highly-Visible-Orange-Icon Highly Visible Orange


Main article, see Robo-Janitors

The Close Encounters DLC introduces a new type of staff member, the Robo-Janitor. They are introduced in Chasm 24 in order to maintain the disaster stabiliser devices unique to that hospital. Upon reaching Star Level 3 in Chasm 24, the Robo-Kit is made available to the player, allowing Robo-Janitors to be used in other hospitals.

Five different Robo-Janitors exist, each focusing only on a narrow set of janitorial skills, but performed more efficiently than their human counterparts. For example, a Coggerly Douse will upgrade machines with +120% skill, and extinguish fires, but will not repair machines or sweep up litter.

Also unlocked with Chasm 24 is the Charging Point, which can be placed in Staff Rooms and corridors, and used to replenish the energy levels of Robo-Janitors. They do not require a salary, and have a constant happiness level of 100%.

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