Illness List


PREV-Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism
PREV-Bed Face

Bed Face
PREV-Boggled Mind

Boggled Mind

PREV-Broken Face

Broken Face


PREV-Cross Bones

Cross Bones
PREV-Decision Rash

Decision Rash
PREV-Denim Genes

Denim Genes
PREV-Emperor Complex

Emperor Complex
PREV-Floppy Discs

Floppy Discs

PREV-Freudian Lips

Freudian Lips
PREV-Grey Anatomy

Grey Anatomy

PREV-Gurning Loins

Gurning Loins

PREV-Heart Throb

Heart Throb
PREV-Humerus Injury

Humerus Injury
PREV-Hurty Leg

Hurty Leg
PREV-Inflated Ego

Inflated Ego
PREV-Jazz Hand

Jazz Hand
PREV-Jest Infection

Jest Infection

Jumbo DNA
PREV-Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones
PREV-Leopard Skin

Leopard Skin
PREV-Light Headed

Light Headed
PREV-Litter Bug

Litter Bug

PREV-Mime Crisis

Mime Crisis
PREV-Misery Guts

Misery Guts
PREV-Mock Star

Mock Star

PREV-Mood Poisoning

Mood Poisoning
PREV-Mucky Feet

Mucky Feet
PREV-Night Fever

Night Fever

PREV-Pipe Organs

Pipe Organs

PREV-Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth
PREV-Premature Mummification

Premature Mummification
PREV-Pudding Blood

Pudding Blood
PREV-Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

PREV-Shock Horror

Shock Horror
PREV-Spinal Bap

Spinal Bap
PREV-Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion
PREV-Touch of Midas

Touch of Midas
PREV-Turtle Head

Turtle Head
PREV-Verbal Diarrhoea

Verbal Diarrhoea

BF-Icon Bigfoot DLC Illnesses


PREV-Aurora Snorealis

Aurora Snorealis
PREV-Bard Flu

Bard Flu
PREV-Barking Mad

Barking Mad


PREV-Bloaty Dread

Bloaty Dread
PREV-Boneless Thighs

Boneless Thighs
PREV-Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze
PREV-Cheese Bored

Cheese Bored
PREV-Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder
PREV-Curdled Blood

Curdled Blood
PREV-Dead Arm

Dead Arm
PREV-Displaced Glands

Displaced Glands
PREV-Eye Candy

Eye Candy
PREV-Face Plant

Face Plant

PREV-Half Pipe

Half Pipe
PREV-Inverted 1080

Inverted 1080

PREV-Menace Elbow

Menace Elbow

PREV-Monster Mishmash

Monster Mishmash


PREV-Skull Chutney

Skull Chutney
PREV-Sore Judgement

Sore Judgement
PREV-Sweet Teeth

Sweet Teeth
PREV-Tartan Telomeres

Tartan Telomeres
PREV-Thin Skinned

Thin Skinned
PREV-Tongue Splinters

Tongue Splinters

Discovering New Illnesses

When a new Illness is discovered, a letter will be sent, listing the room required to cure it. There are two buttons at the bottom of this letter.

  • Send Patient Home - If you cannot build the required room in a reasonable fashion, you can take a small reputation hit and send them home now.
  • Get Patient to Wait - If you can build the required room, you can have the patient wait. If you do not build the room, however, the patient will either die from low Health or Rage Quit.

If the required treatment room is already built, the Hospital will still inform you a new Illness was discovered, but the patient will be sent to treatment immediately.


Diagnosis Certainty

Illness Difficulty

0% Being easy and 90% being extremely difficult.


Curing patients will enable you to not only make money, but will improve your hospitals reputation which in turn attracts more patients.

When a doctor or nurse treats a patient, their ability and any applicable qualifications will influence the chance of success. Some illnesses are tougher than others.

Diagnosing and treating patients will keep money coming in and allow hospital expansion. Treatment will earn you money, even if it is unsuccessful or results in the patient's death.

To increase the chances of successfully curing a patient, reach 100% Diagnosis Certainty, assign your best staff to the treatment room and upgrade treatment machines.





Patients can die if a treatment fails, or if they are waiting too long and their health deteriorates. The hospital reputation will suffer as a result. Death can occur by either failed Treatment or degrading health.

Degrading health happens when a patient has been in the hospital a long time without receiving any form of treatment but dies before gaining their diagnosis and cure.


There's also a chance the patient will return to haunt the hospital! If this happens, you'll need a Janitor with a Ghost Capture qualification.

Each time a Janitor captures a ghost they gain research in the illness which killed that particular peep. Meaning the more ghosts you bust, the more research into curing a variety of illnesses you will gain. Although, it isn't recommended as your primary method of learning.


Research allows the collection of extoplasm to be put in a jar and be reunited with their family.

Catching ghosts will enable you to increase research on illnesses.

When a patient dies, sometimes a part of them remains. The most terrifying part, sadly. This can be quite upsetting for those of us still clinging on to life. Not only that, but ghosts are messy blighters, leaving behind a trail of ectoplasm. They also have a habit of dematerializing and popping up elsewhere.

Who should we call? A Janitor with a Ghost Capture qualification, of course. They are fully trained with the latest autopsychic ghost suction technology. In fact, they might even be able to harvest spiritual matter for use by our research team.

  • Ghosts scare nearby Patients and Staff, causing them to run away and giving them a negative Feeling: "Scared of Ghost".This reduces their Happiness.
  • Ghosts leave puddles of Ectoplasm, which require a Janitor to mop up
  • Not every Patient that dies comes back as a Ghost. It is a random chance.
  • Ghost Capture only adds to the current Research project if the Ghost died from an illness related to the project.
  • If you mouseover a Ghost, a pop-up will tell you how the Patient expired. For instance, "Treatment failed for Misery Guts."


For a list of example emergencies, see Emergencies

Medical emergencies can arise, where a series of Patients are already diagnosed and in desperate need of Treatment. A letter is sent detailing the number and illness of the Patients and a time limit to cure them. You are not required to treat all of the Patients, only a majority of them (Rewards are doubled if you managed to cure them all). Your Hospital will take a Reputation hit if you fail, in addition to the usual Reputation loss for cure failure and death. You are not required to accept the Emergency immediately. You can delay opening the letter until you are ready to receive the Patients.

Patients part of a Medical Challenge all arrive at the same time with police lights flashing on their heads.


For a list of contagious diseases, see Epidemics

These are high contagions that can occur in your hospital in the warmer climates.

When a contagious disease has been detected, the Two Point Centre for Disease Control (TPCDC) will issue you with a limited supply of vaccinations.

The challenge is to locate the infected and vaccinate any people displaying the tell-tale signs of the disease before it spreads. Staffs can also be infected with epidemics. If you are successful the TPCDC will reward the hospital if they don't have to get involved. These rewards will be a combination of the following;

  • Bonus Pay - You will receive a sum of money for each successful vaccination and a further, and larger bonus, for each vaccine remaining.

If you run out of vaccines, or too many infected people escape, then the TPCDC will step in and handle the epidemic. This is considered a fail condition and will incur a charge along with a decrease in reputation.

Below is a list of hospitals that have a chance of Epidemics;