There are a whole lot of icons floating around in your Hospital. This provides a great and quick overview of what is happening and makes managing your facilities much easier.

Staff Icons

Recently-Promoted-FIcon This member of staff was recently promoted.

Staff-Challenge-FIcon This member of staff is currently offering you a Challenge

Patient / Visitor Icons

These icons indicate what patients are up to and their condition.

Cured-FIcon This patient was cured and will leave the hospital.

Treatment-Failed-FIcon This patient's treatment failed.

Health-Dangerously-Low-FIcon This patient is about to die, their health is dangerously low.

Death-FIcon This patient has died.

VIP-FIcon This Visitor is a VIP

Task & Inspector Icons

These icons display needs of patients and staff as well as their current task.

Staff-On-Break-FIcon This member of staff is on a break.

Training-FIcon This indicates either a staff member heading for Training or a guest trainer.

Extreme-Thirst-FIcon This peep is extremely thirsty, consider adding more sources for drinks or water.

Extreme-Hunger-FIcon This peep is extremely hungry, consider adding more sources of food.

Needs-Toilet-FIcon This peep needs a toilet, consider building more Toilets.

Extreme-Boredom-FIcon This peep is extremely bored, consider adding more sources of entertainment.

Room Icons

These icons are a quick indicator that rooms are in need of additional staff or display their queue size.

Queue-FIcon Displays queue length, the number indicates the amount of patients waiting outside.

Doctor-Required-FIcon A Doctor is missing in this room.

Nurse-Required-FIcon A Nurse is missing in this room.

Assistant-Required-FIcon An Assistant is missing in this room.

Training-Psychiatry-FIconTraining-General-Practice-FIcon A training course is under way in this Training Room

Item Icons

These icons display the condition if items.

Needs-Repair-FIcon This item is in need of maintenance by a Janitor.

Machine-Upgrading-FIcon This machine is currently being upgraded.

Hospital Icons