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RELEASED: 8 September 2018

Build: v1.3.21000+2018-09-08.1502 (build 3104020)

See original post for more details and how to install: HERE.

This Hotfix is almost identical to Patch v1.3.2, with one minor change and new build number:

Ward Fix + Others

  • Fix most cases of career save disappearing
  • Fix people getting stuck in wards and fracture wards
  • Fix many cases of patients getting stuck after loading old saves
  • Fix zombie guest trainers that were broken in old saves
  • Fix up part-created rooms that were broken in old saves
  • Fix rage quitting patients staying in hospital
  • Fix some cases of staff not starting training when dropped into training room
  • Improve cases of challenge patients arriving too late
  • Fix mouse issues on gaming mice
  • Speed up saving game - much faster for career-only saves
  • Fix visualisation modes getting stuck
  • Fix spurious errors in log on shutting down
  • Various minor art fixes

Amendment from Patch v1.3.2

  • Updated beta patch branch to fix a load error caused by broken safety check