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RELEASED: 4 September 2018

See original post for more details and how to install: HERE.

You can expect this hotfix to solve the following:


  • Fixed crash on boot, caused by machines reporting that they don't support 720p
  • Fixed crash on boot caused by invalid timezone 
  • Added logging to help track down further crashes 


  • Fixed majority of load fails (These were mostly caused by guest trainer or room building. The issue was most commonly seen in Mitton University) 
  • Fixed various cases of bad data getting in to save files
  • Fall backs for characters that were saved in a bad state so that they can pick up what they were doing


  • Fixed some issues to do with characters getting the nav fail icon over their head for seemingly no reason 
  • Fixed characters sometimes switching between behaviors too often
  • Fixed doctors behaving weirdly when being interrupted in operating theater 
  • Fixed characters sometimes teleporting out of rooms 
  • Fixed VIPs that slide around after loading a save
  • Fixed Recurvery machine upgrade causing invalid interaction points, which could cause the room to become broken


  • Fixed item placement breaking when you have a clock over a fire extinguisher 
  • Fixed an occasional problem caused by items being moved to a blueprint 
  • Fixed localisation error in Settings screen (for German, Chinese and Polish)
  • Replaced Denuvo anti-tamper with Steam DRM