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Everything you could want to know about hospitals, in one place.

There are 15 Hospitals spread across 5 regions. Each region comes with its very own climate and has unique challenges.

Money Edit

This section needs to be about how we make money, lose money, the challenges of balancing the books and links to places we can learn more about hospital cashflow, such as Finance.

Bankruptcy Edit

It happens! You receive a warning at -$150,000 and then are officially bankrupt at -$300,000. At which point you can choose to play from the last save or restart the hospital completely.

Bankruptcy Warning
Bacnkruptcy Notice

Reputation Edit

Hospital Reputation increases with each patient successfully cured, but decreases when a treatment fails, especially if a patient dies. A higher reputation attracts more patients and better staff for hire.

Reputation is based in the outcome of a patients visit, the happiness of people in the hospital, the prices you charge and other publicity the hospital receives. Having a higher reputation means you will attract more patients and job applicants.

  • Very Poor
  • Poor
  • Fine 50%-60%
  • Good 73%
  • Great 86%-100%

Hospital Level Edit

The Hospital Level is a measure of the overall size of your hospital based on the rooms and staff. Having a higher hospital level means that you will attract more patients and job applicants.

As you expand the hospital with more rooms and staff, the Hospital Level increases. A larger hospital attracts more patients.

  • It appears that the number of rooms has effect on level, but the size of those rooms and their prestige has no effect.
  • It also appears that purchasing plots of land also has no effect on level, however plots do offer more space to build more rooms.
  • Once a Hospital Level is reached, it still can degrade to a previous Level.

As the hospital gets busier, queues may start to get long. We may need to build more GP's Offices and other rooms, and hire more staff, to deal with the extra patients.

Look out for queue warnings above rooms. You can also hover over a room to highlight people queueing for that room.

  • Employing staff will help increase your hospital level.
  • The higher your hospital level the more staff becomes available to choose from when hiring.
    • At Hospital Level 1, 3 staff are potentially available to hire for each position.
    • At Hospital Level 5, 4 staff are potentially available to hire for each position.
    • At Hospital Level 10, 5 staff are potentially available to hire for each position.
    • At Hospital Level 15, 6 staff are potentially available to hire for each position.

Every 5 levels will open a new application slot in the Hire screen for each staff type. The max hospital level is 30.

Hospital EnvironmentEdit

  • Environmental attributes can be affected by Items. Such items generate a circle of effect. The further from the Item, the less the Environment is effected by that Item. For instance, placing a Plant will cause the area next to it to have high Attractiveness. However, at the fringes of the circle of effect, it will have low Attractiveness. Overlapping items are required to generate consistently high Environmental effects.


  • Positive values for attractiveness are produced by plants and Decorative Items. They emanate a Green glow on the Attractiveness Heat Map.
  • Negative values for attractiveness are generated by full Bins, clogged Toilet Cubicles, Monobeast infestations, Maintenance from an explosion, and litter found on your floor. They emanate a Brown glow on the Attractiveness Heat Map.
  • If in an Ugly Environment, Patients and Staff will experience a negative Feeling that will reduce their Happiness.


  • While Hogsport had a temperate climate, other Hospitals may not. Mitton University, for example, is unpleasantly cold. On the Temperature Heat Map, the ambient temperature will appear Red if too hot, Blue if too cold, and Goldilocks yellow if just right.
  • Some machines produce heat during their normal operation, such as Super Computer. They will appear Red and emanate a Red glow on the Temperature Heat Map.
  • Some machines produce heat as they start to break down, such as the EZ-Scan. If not maintained by a Janitor, they will begin to produce more heat as they smoke and fizzle. These machines change from a dull Purple to bright Red on the Temperature Heat Map as they approach combustion. They will also emanate a Red glow.
  • If Too Hot or Too Cold, Patients and Staff will experience a negative Feeling that will reduce their Happiness.
  • Patients will start wearing winter hats if they feel too cold.
  • Plants in a hot environment will need to be watered more by Janitors.


  • Hygiene is measured on two things; an individual basis and environmental effects. In the Hygiene visualization mode, low Hygiene people are bright red, high Hygiene people are bright green. Low hygiene environmental effects such as clogged Toilets or full Bins, are coloured brown. Clean environments are coloured bright green.
  • Janitors are vital to Hygiene, maintaining Environmental Hygiene by emptying Bins, unclogging Toilet Cubicles, and sweeping up litter on the floor. Walking through low Environmental Hygiene or using low Hygiene items reduces personal Hygiene levels.
  • Hygiene can be improved by using Sinks, Hand Dryers, and Hand Sanitisers.
    • Hand Sanitisers are only used by Staff when they are idle in a Room or on Break. If the queues don't let up, they will never have a chance.
  • Patients who have low Hygiene, in addition to lower Happiness, will lose Health faster.

Hospital ObjectivesEdit

Objectives displayed in the Task Panel in the top right corner. There are many types of objectives that may need attention in a hospital, these include:

  • Main Hospital Objectives - Ad Hoc tasks that appear only for that specific hospital. These are listed on their respective hospital articles. For example, Hogsport.
  • Star Objectives - The objectives in need of completing to gain your max 3 Star Hospital rating. These are listed on their respective hospital articles. For example, Hogsport
  • Emergencies - A group of patients all needing immediate cure. See Emergencies for details.
  • VIP Visits - There are various reasons for a VIP to visit. See VIP Visitors for details.
  • Staff Requests - Task requests given by staff members looking for improvement. See Staff Objectives for details.
  • Staff Threats - Threats of staff quitting when they are extremely unhappy. See Staff Objectives for details.
  • Epidemics - Contagious diseases can spread quickly, these are known as Epidemics and will need urgent attention.

Star RatingEdit

The Two Point Health Ministry is keen to recognize the achievements of every hospital in the county. If we can build a hospital that satisfies the needs of the local area, the hospital will be awarded an official star rating.

This will be great for our organization. Not only does each star come with associated rewards, but it also allows us to establish new hospitals around the county.

  • Hospital Stars are earned by completing the story Objectives in each Hospital.
  • Hospital Stars come with rewards: Money, Kudosh, Machine Upgrades, new Rooms, and new Hospitals.
  • You do not need to unlock all three Stars in a hospital at once. You can start a new Hospital when it unlocks and come back at any time.
  • Basic Hospital - 1-Star Hospital
  • Improved Hospital - 2-Star Hospital
  • Advanced Hospital - 3-Star Hospital


Kudosh Edit

Kudosh is an organisation wide currency, meaning no matter which hospital it was earned, the balance will persist to other hospitals.

You can view the current Kudosh balance in Hospital view Information panel or on County View in the Organisation Bar.

There are various ways to earn Kudosh for the organisation.

Inbox Edit

Your inbox, all your messages in one convenient location that you can ignore.


Date Edit

  • Day -
  • Month -
  • Year -

Time Edit

Pause - When the game is paused you can build, move rooms, hire staff, etc. without worrying about what else might be happening in the hospital.

Slow Speed - Time moves at approximately half the normal speed. This speed is useful when attempting to resolve epidemics.

Normal Speed - The standard game speed.

This is from memory, but I suspect it isn't exactly right. I shall confirm and update.

  • One day is 4 seconds
  • One year is 27 minutes

Fast Speed - Time moves at approximately double to normal speed.

Plots Edit

Almost every hospital has additional plots of land that you can purchase to expand your hospital. For more specific information, see the individual hospital articles. For example, Lower Bullocks.

Some plots may already be occupied with attractions for Two Point County, such are hedge mazes or children's playgrounds. These can be destroyed and developed on to expand your hospital, should you desire.