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This is the most basic diagnostic room after a General Practitioner's Office (GP's Office) and is the first you will be able to build.

A more advanced diagnosis room. If the GP's Office can't diagnose something, the patient is sent here.



After their visit with a GP, patients may stop at this clinic where a nurse will examine them. The patient will, at that point, do one of the following:

  • Hop onto the Examination Table, where the nurse will proceed to have them stretch their arms a couple of times while observing them.
  • Hop onto the Examination Table, where the nurse will speak with the patient briefly.
  • Sit on the EZ-Scan while the nurse watches the machine's monitor.
  • Stand in front of the EZ-Scan while the nurse uses the handheld scanner to examine them.
  • Stand in front of the EZ-Scan where the nurse will then pick up the reflex hammer and hit the patient on the forehead.


The door to this room has light-green curved lines running horizontally across it. The overall room follows the same pattern with grey walls with rectangular designs. Within the rectangles on the upper half, more curved lines run horizontally. There is dark grey and white speckled baseboards. The floor is a of mosaic tiles in muted shades of black, brown, grey and blue.

Unlock Challenge

As you progress through the tutorial level Hogsport, you will be presented with the required challenge to unlock this clinic. The challenge will ask you to achieve the following things before being able to build this room.

  • Build a Toilet
  • Place 2 Bins


See EZ-Scan for upgrade requirements.


Required Staff

The following Staff is required before the room will function correctly.

Recommended Staff Stats

  • Diagnostics


Required Items

The following items are required before room placement is valid.

Recommended Items

The following items are recommended best for this room.

All Items

To view a list of all items available for this room, click HERE.



  • Original Price was $2,000


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