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Patients will visit a Doctor working as a General Practitioner at each stage of diagnosis. The GP will assess patients and decide if they are ready for treatment, or if they require further diagnosis.



This room is the first stop for any new patients that arrive at your hospital after passing through reception. A doctor will attempt to diagnose a patient and, they fail to do so, will send the patient to a separate diagnosis facility. Patients will return to a GP's Office after each diagnosis attempt until ready for treatment.


The door to this room is a dark wood. The walls are two-toned with hunter green paneling on the lower half and a solid teal upper half separated by white crown molding. It has white trim along the top and white base boards. The floor is a green carpet with lighter green overlapping squares forming a pattern.

Unlock Challenge

The GP's Office is the first room you can build in Hogsport.


The following Staff is required before the room will function correctly.


Required Items

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  • This item was originally priced $1,000


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