Earthquakes cause damage to equipment and can cause debris to fall onto the hospital floor. Earthquakes occur in many of the hospitals in Two Point County and can occur at three intensities: mild, regular, and extreme.

Electrical Storms

During electrical storms, lightning bolts will strike down inside the hospital. Lightning strikes may leave scorch marks that must be cleaned up by a janitor and may possibly damage machinery.

Volcano Eruption

During volcano eruptions, the ground shakes (causing damage to equipment), and molten rocks fall from the sky. Sometimes molten rocks will be on fire even after they land in the hospital and will need a janitor with a fire extinguisher to be put out before it can be cleaned up. Volcano eruptions only plague the hospital in Sweaty Palms.


Hospital equipment can catch on fire when they do not receive routine maintenance. Fires can be put out by a janitor who has access to a fire extinguisher.

Bigfoot DLCEdit


An avalanche disaster causes lots of snow to obscure the hospital and makes everything shake, similar to an earthquake disaster. Avalanches cause damage to machinery.

Ghost Infestation

If a hospital is haunted, a ghost infestation may occasionally occur. During these events, several ghosts will appear throughout the hospital and cause general ghostly chaos until janitors come around to clean them up.

Pebberley Island DLCEdit

Solar Event

The ground shakes and beams of yellow laser light hits the hospital and cause Scorch Marks. These are small blue flames that require Fire Extinguishers used by Janitors to put them out. These burning rays can damage machinery and injure patients.

Frog Storm

An unusual type of storm in which frogs rain down from the sky. Frogs landing in the hospital will become dazed and need to be picked up by a janitor.

Water Tornado

During a water tornado storm, numerous water-based cyclones will touch down within the hospital leaving puddles and potentially damaging machinery.