The De-Lux O-Lux machine used in the De-Lux Clinic by a Doctor to cure patients with Light Headed.

The De-Lux O-Lux is first seen during the De-Lux Clinic Unlock Challenge during the tutorial level of Hogsport.

It can only be placed in this one Treatment Room clinic for the singular purpose of curing Light Headed patients.

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The De-Lux O-Luxe has a central chair for the patient to sit in during the procedure It has a small ramp for easy access.

To the left of the chair is a large, open top square bin and on the right a closed top, round bin. There is also a small round tray. Across the top is a large rod with a claw machine style claw attached, which can freely move left and right.

The machine has an interesting and fairly muted colour scheme overall, of blue, grey and yellow.

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The De-Lux O-Luxe is controlled via the Console by a Doctor. They begin by using the claw to unscrew the giant light bulb head from the patients shoulders. Which is disposed of in the square bin by the claw moving over it and dropping the now extinguished bulb.

Next the small round tray opens up and designs a new head for the patient. Interestingly, this will also calculate new clothing that might be required as well, such as new hats, glasses, earrings or even scarfs.

Once the 3D design is complete the claw move over the round bin. The lid pops open so the claw may plunge inside to grab the newly formed head. Once the head is firmly gripped in the claw it moves over the patient where it lowers the head onto the shoulders.

The patient is now back to normal and in one piece. However, survival following this procedure is by no means guaranteed.

"It isn't very scientific."
Gary Carr

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It does require regular maintenance from a Janitor.

Further details are currently unknown. Section needs updating.

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Upgrades are available for this machine.

  • De-Lux O-Luxe II - Advanced head replacement +25% Treatment Power Cost: $10,000 Estimated Upgrade Time: 37 days (Unlocked at Star Level 2 Lower Bullocks)
  • De-Lux O-Luxe III - Advanced head replacement +50% Treatment Power Cost: $20,000 Estimated Upgrade Time: 75 days (Unlocked at Star Level 3 Lower Bullocks)

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