Steam AchievementsEdit

These are the various Steam Achievements you can unlock while playing Two Point Hospital

Give-a-Man-a-Hospital... Give a Man a Hospital
Cure 1 Patient
Double-Digits Double Digits
Have a Level 10 Hospital
Two-Point-Bounty Two Point Bounty
Earn 10,000 Kudosh
I.-See.-Yout. I. See. You
Capture 100 Ghosts
Teach-a-Man-to-Hospital Teach a Man to Hospital
Cure 1,000 Patients
County-Wide County-Wide
Earn 15 Gold Stars
Double-Double Double Double
Have a Level 20 Hospital
Reach $50,000,000 Organisation Value
Bells-&-Whistles Bells & Whistles
Conduct 25 Machine Upgrades
Inter-Continental Inter-Continental
Earn 30 Gold Stars
Well-Informed Well-Informed
Complete 50 Research Projects
Always-Be-Curing Always Be Curing
Run 50 Marketing Campaigns
Pointy-Mountain-G.O.A.T Pointy Mountain G.O.A.T
Earn 45 Gold Stars
Dr-Know Dr Know
Train a World-Class Researcher
I'd-Like-To-Thank-My-Mother I'd Like To Thank My Mother
Win every award in a single hospital
Jung-at-Heart Jung at Heart
Train a World-Class Psychiatrist
Cut-Above Cut Above
Train a World-Class Surgeon
Low-Brow Low Brow
Shoot 1 Monobeast
High-Brow High Brow
Shoot 10 Monobeasts in a row without missing
Peer-Reviewed Peer-Reviewed
Complete a Multiplayer Challenge
Generating-Business Generating Business
Injure someone with an exploding machine
Icebreaker Icebreaker
Complete Superbug Project Hair Removal
Serial-Collaborator Serial Collaborator
Complete 50 Research Nodes
Strength-in-Numbers Strength in Numbers
Complete Superbug Project Learning Machine Learning

Bigfoot - DLC AchievementsEdit

These Achievements were added with the release of Two Point Hospital's first DLC - Bigfoot.

High-Altitude-Health-Service High Altitude Health Service
Earn 1 Star at each hospital in the Pointy Mountains
The-New-Gold-Standard The New Gold Standard
Earn 54 Gold Stars
Now-Even-Cheesier Now Even Cheesier
Complete the "Cheesier Gubbins" Research Project in Swelbard
De-Lux-Suite De-Lux Suite
Have a Level 5 De-lux Clinic at the Underlook Hotel
Furry-Good-Review Furry Good Review
Knock the socks off of Bartholomew F. Yeti

Pebberley Island - DLC AchievementsEdit

These Achievements were added with the release of Two Point Hospital's second DLC - Pebberley Island.

Curing-Spree Curing Spree
Get a Curing Spree on Topless Mountain
The-(Second)-New-Gold-Standard The (Second) New Gold Standard
Earn 63 Gold Stars
Busman's-Holiday Busman's Holiday
Earn 1 Star at each hospital on Pebberley Island
Life,-the-Universe-and-Everything Life, the Universe and Everything
Complete Wave 42 on Topless Mountain
Symbiosis Symbiosis
Unlock every plot in Overgrowth

Close Encounters - DLC AchievementsEdit

These Achievements were added with the release of Two Point Hospital's third DLC - Close Encounters.

The-(Third)-New-Gold-Standard The (Third) New Gold Standard
Earn 72 Gold Stars
Rose-Amongst-The-Pigeons Rose Amongst The Pigeons
Expose 50 Alien Infiltrators
Animation-&-Sanitation Animation & Sanitation
Activate every Robo-Janitor prototype in Chasm 24
Kissed-by-a-Nurse Kissed by a Nurse
Cure a patient with Frogborne
Stealthily-Healthily Stealthily Healthily
Earn 1 Star at each hospital in Close Encounters
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