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• 7/28/2018

Editing Guidelines

As we get closer to the games release and more and more people join the two point community, we will eventually see much more contribution to this wiki.

Does anyone think we should have a page or a continuation of the administration page that outlines the style and general rules that people should follow in the future when making an edit.

In these guidelines we could include;
- The correct language to use (English-English or American English)
- General grammar rules to follow like capitalisation and formality
- Format rules such as headlines, when to use bold, italics and links.

- One which I think would actually be useful if we answered here is if we should use a comma or a dot when writing money ($2,000 or $2.000) as there are cases of both uses on the wiki. Answering now would save the hassle of manually going back through all prices.

As has been previously mentioned the ins and outs of this sort of stuff does not have to be final and the most important task at the moment is obtaining and collating information. I just think these things are important if we want to make this process easier for ourselves.

All the work you guys are doing is really great I reckon this wiki is going to turn out great. I do not have access to the game so am limited when collecting data therefor I would be happy to start this.

tl;dr I have ocd & gj guys :D
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• 7/29/2018
I don't have much opinion on which standard is best, but I will gladly take guidance. Right now I'm just adding things using my American-English, personal writing style. However, if something is following English standards, especially if its following the in-game text, I do not alter it. Whatever is decided, I will adjust as the community dictates.

I *think* they use commas for numbers in the demo? The little marks seem longer to me than a period, but that might be bias.
• 7/29/2018
We 100% need a proper admin page, I couldn't agree with you more. It isn't lack of interest or anything but time. Time has been the factor for me not being able to do it, that and still needing to learn what those official admin things are.

I am very happy for you to outline things clearly in the admin page, in fact I welcome it, please do! It would be an amazing help and I fully support it. Feel free to start topics in 'Discuss' on things you feel you need more input on or want our thoughts about. Design of pages is tricky because I do stand by pages need content first before you can start seeing how stuff will layout best. That said I have listed the colour I like people to use and I like that colour to boarder videos, that is a format I want across the whole wiki. It can be observed on the main page and my news (which I must get back to, just so busy producing TPH content while I can! Wednesday onwards I lose access to the game so I will focus heavily on this wikia again). And for sure Yes, please do add English-English, correct language use, spelling, grammar, and while we haven't firmed header use, I have full faith that you could. You've proven design and logic skills ^^ So please feel free to start outlining all that. Like you say, things can get updated and adjusted as we deem fit. Also, we should use a comma $2,000, always match the game. I am aware that Crath was doing it will a full stop and has been since asked to change them which I think is why we currently have a mix and it drives me mad ><

In addition, there is MASSES of information out there about the game that isn't on this wiki, my series alone will help. You can write details about all the lower level items, rooms and illnesses without the game. I've done everything on this wiki without ever playing it (as since having it I have been producing content not wiki writing ><)

We have PLENTY of pages we can be implementing the format we currently have on the admin page and lots to write within those pages that we know about the game. We need high focus on those three categories, they will be visited the most at launch.

On that actually let me just help outline how I've writing the information on those pages. The page MUST remain faithful to the subject, for example, when writing about the lightheaded room you must not go into detail about the items within in, like the De-Lux O-Lux machine, as that has it's own page. When writing about treating Lightheaded it can be easy to start talking about the room and machine. It is a very fine line some times, so that needs to be mentioned.

The description always follows a flow. So the illness description starts with possibly how they got ill, the changes they went through, if any, the problems they suffer, before it moves on to curing. The very first paragraph, before the content menu, is an extreme sum up.

I was always only linking the first mention of something. So if we say doctor a bunch of times, only the first incident of it was linked to the doctor page. However, I have noticed Turgall is being much more thorough, we may need to agree on a format for that. I always felt that every mention could become excessive. What do you think?

Tags, these are really important and I have done the tags in full on those three example pages. we need tags, the right tags, consistent tags going on all appropriate pages. So getting a section on that would be amazing!

Sorry for the uber post >< I hope all this is okay, I just love the idea of you doing this. It is a massive need but I haven't have the time, so I am biting your hand off to do this. XD I'm very eager for this, can you tell? XD
• 7/29/2018
The game is English born and bred, so I am in full support of English-English, never US-English. Sorry Thurgall ><
• 7/29/2018
Oh and when I say tags, I mean categories. ^^
• 7/29/2018
No offense taken, Blarla. If you catch me using American phrasing, call me out!

As for linking only the first usage of a particular term, I agree. If I've been linking every use , then I can try to remove those other links.

Question on capitalization. I've been fairly consistent capitalizing game terms, even when common English would not, ie. Patients instead of patients. Should I use lowercase or uppercase?
• 7/29/2018
It honestly depends on the context. Not sure how else to define that one. If you are saying, '...the Patients menu', you capitalise, if you are saying, '...patients arrive for treatment' it isn't capitalised. I fear that doesn't help XD

UK English will tend to use 's' over 'z'. The word capitalise being a good example. Not to mention the rogue 'u's everywhere, colour, armour...if you can work the word armour sensibly into the wiki I will be impressed! :D But yes, being mindful of those two alone will solve most I reckon.
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