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• 2/2/2019
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• 10/8/2018

Save layouts

Does anybody know if there will be a 'Save layout-option?

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• 9/11/2018


I recently came upon a few patients who felt brainwashed. Does anyone know what causes it?
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• 9/10/2018

Capturing game artwork

How can you get the images from the game such as room icons, object images, star letters, etc.?
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• 9/5/2018


I am so lost with the doctors. I have doctors with GP II and they still have 0% diagnosis in GP office. I don't know what I am doing wrong.
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• 8/1/2018

Page Titles for Identical Item Names

There's a known problem with items having the same name, such as the two lamps or the two Receptions. I suggest we rename the page something like "Reception (Room)" and "Reception (Item)", then set up a disambiguation page at "Reception."
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• 7/30/2018

Adding new Items

If you discover any new items, please make sure to add them to all appropriate pages. First and foremost the actual items page under the content section.
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• 7/30/2018

Deleting Information from the Wikia

Please don't delete things from the wiki, especially if you don't even plan to move it. All original information that Crath and I entered into this wiki came directly from the game and as such deleting it seems entirely unnecessary.

As I check through the changes I am seeing paragraphs being deleted that came from the game, were informative and helpful and then deleted for no apparent reason.

MJHunter - We need something in the guidelines about deleting, marking things for deleting and a procedure. Is this possible please?
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• 7/30/2018

Edit Summaries

I check ever edit made on the wiki and when edit summaries are not given it makes this task much harder.

Please can we always make sure that an edit summary is added, no matter how minor the edit? It is important information and needs to be on there.
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• 7/30/2018

Plural vs. Singular

When an article can be plural or singular (there's no in-game reason to prefer either), which should be our default choice? Patient or Patients?
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• 7/30/2018

Basic Guidelines for Tables

Hellooo one and all. Here are some nifty guidelines for when it comes to adding fancy tables as a means of listing... things.

First things first. Please make sure the tables are in alphabetical order. Not only does it look good and reads better, it also saves the hassle of editing afterwards and lets me sleep better.
An easy way to achieve an alphabetical order is writing or copy pasting a name list beforehand and running it through tools such as this

I think we can all agree that sortable tables are the best format for most our content here. The correct Wiki Markup for the source editor looks as follows:

{| style="width: 100%; text-align: center" class="wikitable sortable"
!column 1 name
!column 2 name
!column 3 name
|column 1 text (row 1)
|column 2 text (row 1)
|column 3 text( row 1)
|column 1 text (row 2)
|column 2 text (row 2)
|column 3 text( row 2)

If the column of a row is to start with + or - (currently used for missing information) you have to encase those between <nowiki></nowiki>

It'd look something like this

{| style="width: 100%; text-align: center" class="wikitable sortable"
|[[Medicinal Bookcase]]
|<nowiki>+</nowiki>42% Treatment Speed
|Increases Room Prestige

Further, it is always better to be sure where and when a table is appropriate. They are a lot of work to create and maintain, it'd be a shame to waste that amount of time. Please do ask if anything is unclear in that regard. Same goes for column names or what to put in those tables. If there is uncertanty as to how to best approach information, please ask.
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• 7/29/2018

Energy and Room Prestige

In Happiness and Energy, it says "If you make a room larger, and fill it with interesting items, it will be considered more prestigious. People using a high prestige room will become happier. A nice Staff Room will also help staff regain energy faster."
Can we confirm that a more prestigious Staff Room increases Energy stat gain?
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• 7/28/2018


Have we determined how VIPs decide if they like your Hospital? I've seen a couple visits where the VIP is thumbsing up the whole time, but give a neutral report. What is the criteria and does it vary from VIP to VIP?
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• 7/28/2018

Editing Guidelines

As we get closer to the games release and more and more people join the two point community, we will eventually see much more contribution to this wiki.

Does anyone think we should have a page or a continuation of the administration page that outlines the style and general rules that people should follow in the future when making an edit.

In these guidelines we could include;
- The correct language to use (English-English or American English)
- General grammar rules to follow like capitalisation and formality
- Format rules such as headlines, when to use bold, italics and links.

- One which I think would actually be useful if we answered here is if we should use a comma or a dot when writing money ($2,000 or $2.000) as there are cases of both uses on the wiki. Answering now would save the hassle of manually going back through all prices.

As has been previously mentioned the ins and outs of this sort of stuff does not have to be final and the most important task at the moment is obtaining and collating information. I just think these things are important if we want to make this process easier for ourselves.

All the work you guys are doing is really great I reckon this wiki is going to turn out great. I do not have access to the game so am limited when collecting data therefor I would be happy to start this.

tl;dr I have ocd & gj guys :D
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• 7/28/2018


There are some pages that I've seen on the insights list that are "Pages without categories" just curious as to what these are and if/how we should add categories to a page.
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• 7/28/2018

Adding changes to Trivia

I've noticed in a few articles that there are references to previous design and mechanics, as well as cost. Which changes would the Community Administrators like for us to preserve in the Trivia section?
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• 7/28/2018

What will most likely change before release?

Aavak just mentioned he is not allowed to post more content from this build after Aug. 1st. That made me realize how much change is still possible.

Blarla, you seem to have a healthy communication with the developers. Do you have any advice on what they have locked down and numbers they are still fiddling with?
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• 7/28/2018

Placeholder Image

I quite approve of the placeholder image! It's good to see the caption now.
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• 7/27/2018

Item vs. Object

Curious if the game consistently uses either term. The wiki currently uses both.
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• 7/27/2018


While our primary goal for the wiki is sheer data input right now, I propose tables would be useful.

They offer a clear way to show what information is present and missing in a given page. We could use them in our main pages to see where there are missing sub-pages. I've already caught missing illinesses due to TheCrath's illness table.

According to the wiki help article, they're not ideal for mobile users, but for now, they serve a purpose. We can deal with final formatting later.
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